September 9, 2022

What is Rohani ilaj

Rohani ilaj is an Islamic spiritual healing in the form of various prayers and beliefs. Rohani ilaj can help with anything from black magic to mental illness. Do you feel like there’s something wrong with your life? You don’t belong where you are? You have the feeling that something is off, but you can’t figure out what it is? If you’re anything like many people, then I’m sure that…. Sometimes, you just need to talk to a person. When you feel yourself getting worked up into a frenzy, it’s hard to stay calm. It’s even harder if the people closest to you don’t understand what you’re going through. At, Roohani Online Spiritual Help we’re always available to talk and provide Spiritual Solutions. Whether you need a shoulder, a listening session, or just someone who understands your pain, we are here for your healing process. For some people who want the […]
June 28, 2021

FAQ On Using The Holy Quran For Conjuring & Symbols​

FAQ On Using The Holy Quran For Conjuring & Symbols Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Brothers and sisters.  We received many questions like the ones below in this blog post we will be covering today inshallah. The problem with such questions is they become debates, I listen to what others have to say and then give them a response but after my response, they wish to go back and forth which I don’t have the time for. I know our dean and I know our dean have various different opinions therefore debating with me is not something I wish to do here; I will give you my opinion on your questions and rest Allah subhana wa’tala knows best. I will not be responding to any more emails regarding this topic in the future from anyone from now on I just do not have the time. This is the reason why I have made this […]
December 30, 2020

Ways To Tap Into Your Spirit With Roohani Spiritual

The first step to gain spirituality is to surrender yourself to Allah. Although many associate the word ‘surrender’ with defeat or weakness, it is the strongest and most courageous action to offer your freedom and desires. To surrender to Allah is to trust that He is your helper. He can make anything and everything happens by His will. The first step to gain spirituality is to surrender yourself to Allah. Although many associate the word ‘surrender’ with defeat or weakness, it is the strongest and most courageous action to offer your freedom and desires. To surrender to Allah is to trust that He is your helper. He can make anything and everything happens by His will. Everyday life is chaos, with a never-ending cycle of work, stress and overthinking. In order to get out of it, for even a minute, your soul requires a spiritual connection to a higher power. […]
December 26, 2020

Information on Black Magic, Hexes, Curses, and Evil-eye

Many of my readers and students are interested in knowing about the various ways dark powers in the world can be used. Black magic, hexes, curses, and evil-eye are some of the ways magicians, sorcerers, witchcraft practitioners, occultists, and voodooists consider when they intend to do harm to their victims The world we live in, every imaginable thing has its opposite form. The occult forces in question are no exception. Just as spiritualists and authentic practitioners are able to use their spiritual power to help humanity become better off, black magicians are able to cause great harm with the help of various dark forces that exist in the world. The tools could be many and the ways black magicians and sorcerers have in their arsenals also vary, depending on their knowledge, context, culture, and prior practices of a particular form of black magic, sorcery, or witchcraft. I think it isn’t […]
December 26, 2020

Why Do Spiritual Healers Need Mother’s Name? Are They Doing Black Magic?

There is great confusion among people with regard to many aspects of the spiritual healing practices that roohani amils exercise. I will not be able to talk about them all here, but there is one thing I feel I must address. And that is, what purpose does it serve to ask someone’s name (along with the mother’s name)? Some people are of the opinion that the reason why spiritual healers ask for a mother’s name is because they want to use this information to do black magic. In their opinion, asking for someone’s biodata doesn’t have any positive utility. While there is a rational basis to this claim, all I can say is I wholeheartedly disagree with them. They may be entitled to their opinions but they are not entitled to their own facts. And the fact is that information like someone’s mother can both be used by black magicians […]
December 26, 2020

Do I have Black Magic and Need Spiritual Healing/Ruhani ilaj?

I receive many emails and requests from people asking me to shed light on their situations and what it is they should consider as black magic and what is not. Black magic has some obvious symptoms but the caveat is that many times these symptoms can also have a physiological or medical basis. In that case, it will be a bad idea to execute a spiritual healing process for a problem that doesn’t exist in the first place. I usually don’t talk about these things in quite a detail, but when I do I become very fair. Naturally, you would wonder why a spiritual healer turns down a so-called spiritual patient who wants their services and is willing to pay after all. If someone comes to me with a lot of strange symptoms, wouldn’t it make my job easier to just say “you got badly harmed by black magic and […]
December 26, 2020

Is Using Ruhani/Spiritual Items Allowed in Islam?

There is a great division among Muslims when it comes to using spiritual items for purposes of healing or any other material and spiritual goals in life. What makes me sad sometimes is the fact that most people choose not to think. Those who accept and those who don’t aren’t doing so based on their understanding of the matter but based on what someone tells them or how they observe other people’s stance on the issue. Such people need to think that the intellect — which is the greeted gift from Allah — isn’t meant to be spoiled. When we completely depend on others’ opinions or beliefs in accepting something, we are subconsciously limiting the thinking ability of our own minds. And if we exercised such an approach long enough, we may as well have rickets of the mind. So it’s necessary to question, think, and make sense of the […]
December 25, 2020

Is Using Djinn, Khodam, and MuwakilIs Forbidden In Islam?

This could be a long discussion. There are views on the use of the Djinn, even among Muslims, that are poles apart. Many Muslims are of the opinion that seeking help from Djinns is equivalent to shirk. These people will quote Quranic verses and Hadiths in all kinds of ways, paying less attention to the actual contexts these verses/hadiths were brought forth.  Before I move on and address these issues, let me highlight why we humans do even need to seek help from jinns or any other source besides Allah for that matter? Is seeking help from someone other than Allah haram? Does it matter what it’s that you need someone’s assistance for? In other words, the nature of the act (you need someone’s assistance for) is good or bad. All of these are important questions and by pondering them well alone we could come up with sensible answers. So […]
December 25, 2020

How to Keep Djinns and Demons in Perspective?

When you spend over a decade or so in a field, no wonder people start to look at you as an authority. In spirituality, the idea is not very different. It’s only those who are well experienced who can tell you how things work in the spiritual realm. The realm of djinns and demons is a spiritual realm and if a person doesn’t have a prior understanding and practice of dealing with occult entities, there’s very little they can tell you about. With respect to djinns and demons, there are many misconceptions and still many malpractices that should be avoided by all means. People take Quranic teachings out of context and start indulging in practices that are not allowed in Islam. I will talk about them below, but first, let me shed some light on what djinns and demons are and how they are connected with our world. Djinns are […]
December 25, 2020

What Does The World of the Djinns and Demons Look Like?

This is such an interesting subject and there’s a shipload of material on the internet — most of it fake. The world of the Djinn and Demon is a world very few have access to. It’s not a Disney Land you can buy a ticket for and choose to visit as and when you wish. Those who talk about the djinn universe often come up with cock and bull stories, try to make things interesting and boast as if they know everything. Whenever someone tries to lure you in, what you can do is look at the person’s history: how long have they been practicing spirituality? What’s their knowledge level in the djinn universe? How sensible are their descriptions and the stories they attach to the djinn world? In short, you should get the hang of what their spiritual profiles look like (at least, on the surface of things). I […]
December 25, 2020

Can you discuss jinn/djinn and demon from an Islamic context?

This is an evergreen topic and I have been receiving countless emails on this subject, requesting me to elaborate on jinns, what they can and can’t do, how we should deal with them, and so on. It’s time I should shed some light on the subject and clear many confusion people have around these spiritual entities.  First of all, the concept of djinn is predominantly Islamic. It was the holy book of Quran that revealed information about these abstract entities back in the 6th century, going as far as mentioning their composition and purpose of existence. “And the Jinn He created from a smokeless flame of fire.” [55:15] So accordingly to Quran, Djinns are created from a smokeless flame of fire which, if scientifically viewed, provides evident possibilities why they can be both visible and invisible. Mankind, on the other hand, was made of clay — or the components that […]
December 25, 2020

What are the types of jinn/djinn?

One thing is established that jinns are part of our world. Similar to angels, they are invisible to our eyes but they are the greatest masquerade of all. For the most part, djinns have been responsible for the paranormal activities we humans have been experiencing throughout history. Some spiritualists go as far as to say that all our interactions with spirits, shadow figures, extraterrestrials, and others involve the mysterious Djinn. Little known in the west beyond folk tales, the existence of djinns is deep-seated in the Islamic world. In the Quran there are many accounts of Djinns. Allah says in Surah Al Hijr (verse 27), “And the jinn We created before from scorching fire”; in Surah Rahman (verse 15), “And He created the jinn from a smokeless flame of fire”. In line with these Quranic verses, the holy prophet (PBUH) also said that “The Angels were created from light and […]
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