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Assalamualaikum May Peace Be Upon You Welcome To My Website

A bit about myself

I am from the Hanafi school of thought I am From the Ahle Sunnat wal Jama’at movement,
From the age of 17 I have been practicing sufism From my Murshid/teacher I Have Got Bay’ah/I have given oath of allegiance in the Qadir Naqshbandi Rifai Tariqa/Sufi orders The Rifai Tariqa/Sufi order Is a very powerful and beautiful Sufi order You can read about it Here I Have Also received a Khodam  From my beloved teacher what is Amil of Ilmu Khodam the Islamic Occult Art of Acquiring and Directing Spirit Servants  If you would like to know more you can visit my blog  post Here I speak about the topic in detail.The Khodam Is for helping people in need With spiritual problems and Spiritual healing And Medical problems alhamdulillah.

I try to worship Allah subhana Tala As much as I can I try to stay away from sin as much as I can I read the dalailu l khayrati Every day alhamdulillah I have received gifts from the Famous awliyā That have passed away Like Abdullah Shah Ghazi these gifts where passed down to my Murshid/spiritual guide to be given to me alhamdulillah some of them you can see in the Roohani/Spiritual items section of the website I am just a normal person that has been blessed with knowledge from My beloved Murshid/spiritual guide and From My beloved teacher what is Amil of Ilmu Khodam the Islamic Occult Art of Acquiring and Directing Spirit Servants alhamdulillah  I am nothing but a student of  Sufism/Tasawwuf and Ilmu Khodam

I use Many Methods of Islamic Spiritual Healing Taweez / Talisman / Amulets / Spiritual Healing oils / Spiritual Healing Water / Spiritual Rohani-Noori  Amliyat-Ritual All My Healing Methods only use the power of the Holy Qur’aanic verses what are compliant with Sharia law Alhamdulillah I am also able to help people with general life problems inshallah that they are facing in their day-to-day life Relationship problems financial problems child etc Alhamdulillah the methods that are used to solve these sort of problems inshallah are the same as wot I have mentioned for the Spiritual Healing most of the time Islamic Taweez / Talisman / Amulets and Islamic Spiritual  Rohani-Noori  Amliyat-Ritual are the most effective methods solving these sort of issues inshallah (if God Wills).

The Benefits of Ruqya Treatment for Spiritual Ailments and illness

Ruqya is the recitation of verses in the Qur’an and some teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to protect or fortify people against dark magic or any other spiritual harm. The important of ruqya treatment can never be over emphasized.  Ruqya treat ment is tailored towards delivering someone who is suffering from any form of spiritual attack. This treatment can also be applied to medical condition or used for spiritual ailments The The Noble Quran – القرآن الكريم   is not only a guidance for all human and jinn but As-Samad (الصَّمَدُ) has also made it a extremely Powerful  spiritual cure and healing for all types of illness..

The benefits of Ruqya treatment for spiritual ailments are discussed below;

  • Diagnosis Stop Shirk: Jinns are the spirits that possess most people with spiritual ailment. By using ruqya treatment, all the possibilities of speaking with the jinn will be closed. This is because speaking with the jinns will only degenerate the whole situations as the possessed person ten to believe in them easily. Thus making the victim to start doing things that are against Islamic teaching and carrying out different form of Shirks. This is why ruqya treatment is always the best treatment choice for people that are being possessed by spirits.


  • It Clarifies What The Person Is Suffering From: There are instances when patients are sick but there is no valid medical explanation as to what is wrong with the patient. Using ruqya treatment can help these patients to clarify their ailments and what can be done to proffer a permanent solution to them.  This does not only apply to patients but also marriage couples that are having issues with their marriages and at the verge of divorce. It is always advisable for marriage couples to always carry out ruqya diagnosis on their marriage before proceeding to divorce. This is due to the fact that in some cases discords are linked to Jinns and other black magic.


  • Ruqya Treatment Makes Patients To Be More Sincere In Making Dua: Once ruqya diagnosis reveals the true ailment of a patient, there is tendency that such patient will be more sincere in making duas/prayers to Allah. This act of sincere dua to Allah can speed up the ruqya treatment process and make the recovery of the patient easier.


  • Ruqya treatment strengthens Ones faith in God: Ruqya treatment makes people to become more faithful to their lord. This is because of the fact that such people have seen the incredible healing power of Allah. With this their faith becomes more strengthened and they will eliminate any form of doubts that was in their mind hitherto.


  • Ruqya diagnosis allows patients to know if there is a cure: Ruqya diagnosis enables patients to know if they are fully cured of their spiritual ailment. This they do by carrying out series of diagnosis and once the diagnosis result is negative, that means such patient has been cured by Allah.


Bottom line

Ruqya treatment is an established Islamic way of healing people suffering from spiritual ailments and illness. Before a Ruqya treatment is carried out, there is always a pre-treatment diagnosis. This diagnosis is tailored towards finding out if truly the patient is suffering from spiritual ailments or illness before the actual treatment begins.

Ruqya treatment –  the Islamic approach to tackling black magic and illness.

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I Perform Ruqyah Spiritual Healing Strictly According To Quran and Sunnah. My Spiritual Powers Are Pure Islamic. But My Services/Roohanimadad Is For All Mankind.

My duty is to help All Humans Who Need Peace And Spiritual Support/Roohanimadad.

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