September 12, 2020

Black Magic Symptoms: A Definitive List

The symptoms of black magic can be infinitely many, but I have outlined below a breakdown of the most common symptoms that can usually be traced to some form of black magic. On a side note, please bear in mind that the only effective treatment method to do away with these symptoms of black magic is ruqya treatment. A detailed account of how ruqya treatment is performed can be reviewed here or here.  Black Magic Symptoms that Ruqya Treatment Can Eliminate: Nightmares resulting in erotic dreams or being chased by scary things or animals like spiders, snakes, cats, blackbirds, lizards, rats, owls, monkeys, eagles, or other strange animals/birds.  Shaky feeling in hands or other parts of the body Breathing problem and tightening of heart vessels or chest pain  Abnormal heart prickling and other health conditions Abnormal mental states  and stressful thoughts  Strong and sudden migraine pain Presence of aggressive and […]
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