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Holy & Powerful Roohani/Spiritual Oils.


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  • Spiritually Enhance/Empowered Healing oil

    Spiritually Enhance/Empowered Healing oil

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    The Spiritually Enhance/Empowered Healing Oil can be taken every day in order to maintain optimum health and to help and cure your medical condition inshallah.

  • Married Couple Relationship fixing Package 

    Married Couple Relationship Fixing Package

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    The spiritual package is for people who are having lots of relationship problems in their lives and who want to avoid grave situations that may lead to divorce. It’ll also enhance your aura and overall attractiveness.

  • Amliyat Oil

    Spiritual Meditation/Muraqaba (مراقبة) oli – tool for enhancing and opening Chakras/Lataifa

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    for enhancing and opening Chakras/Lataifa Meditation/Muraqaba is an important activity in the life of every person that has both spiritual and worldly benefits.
  • Amliyat Oil

    Ultimate Spiritual Ruqya Healing oil

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    The Ultimate Ruqya healing oil – An important weapon for fighting evil afflictions

  • Amliyat Oil

    Rituals / Amliyat Oil

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    Amliyat incense oils do play a role, some Amliyat incense oil can enhance the overall energy of the ritual, some oils can help connect with the unseen entity one is trying to connect with faster.

  • Spiritual Rohani Hair Loss Oil

    Spiritual Rohani Hair Loss Oil

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  • Amliyat Oil

    Ultimate Spiritual Ritual Protection oil

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    Ritual Protection Oils are essential when one is set to carry out any ritual tasks that may extend a particular period before results are produced. These oils will ensure that the ritual aura continues to flow even in cases where the rites and rituals are temporarily paused.

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