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December 26, 2020
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Why Do Spiritual Healers Need Mother’s Name? Are They Doing Black Magic?

There is great confusion among people with regard to many aspects of the spiritual healing practices that roohani amils exercise-Roohani Online Spiritual Help

There is great confusion among people with regard to many aspects of the spiritual healing practices that roohani amils exercise.

I will not be able to talk about them all here, but there is one thing I feel I must address. And that is, what purpose does it serve to ask someone’s name (along with the mother’s name)?

Some people are of the opinion that the reason why spiritual healers ask for a mother’s name is because they want to use this information to do black magic. In their opinion, asking for someone’s biodata doesn’t have any positive utility. While there is a rational basis to this claim, all I can say is I wholeheartedly disagree with them. They may be entitled to their opinions but they are not entitled to their own facts. And the fact is that information like someone’s mother can both be used by black magicians for negative purposes and by authentic spiritual healers for healing purposes.

But what is the utility of a name? Well, when you go to a spiritual healer in person and describe some problems that are curable, the spiritual healer doesn’t usually ask you to provide information like your name, your date of birth, or the name of someone in your family. They carry out a spiritual diagnosis and ask you to consider certain forms of spiritual treatments. But when you need distant healing or you consult spiritual healing, there are a few requirements the amil will ask before even proceeding with the analysis. And in most cases, these requirements are going to include your full name, your mother’s full name, and your date of birth. There may be other sets of information, depending on the nature and complexity of your spiritual problem, but these aforementioned requirements are essential in almost every spiritual healing case that requires a spiritual teacher to analyze and perform treatment at distance. The only reason why the information of this nature is required is that it helps the spiritual teacher or his khodams/malaik to identify you and analyze your spiritual profile. Suppose your name is Majid Aman or Konstantin Ignatov or any other name for that matter, how easy a possibility it is to be hundreds of thousands of people out there by the same names? Very easy. If that’s the case, how can a spiritual healer or his assistant entity make sure the person behind a name is you? It’s this reason why it’s not enough to only provide your own name. When you say Mr. X son of MS Y, the possibilities become very limited. And when you still add a date of birth to the mix, then it becomes all the easier to verify your identity.

Now you may ask why black magicians also require the same information? Well, they do so because they also want to make sure their magic spells are right on target. They want these details for the same reason as the spiritual healers, only their intentions are bad and they want to use these details to locate the right target.

It makes no sense to fear the person who is there to help you. When you go to a doctor and he asks about your medical history, you try to become as elaborate as possible and you’ll never shy away from providing any useful piece of information. Why are you being afraid of a spiritual healer who you have approached and who is willing to help you overcome your problems? If you were suspicious of his intentions, why would you reach out to him in the first place?

I hope I have covered the subject fairly well but I understand there will still be people who won’t list no matter how elaborately you explain. The purpose of my reply is not to convince these people but to help those who genuinely want to understand the process.

Spiritual healing is a vast field and I have taken it as a duty upon myself to share knowledge and help people understand things better. The blog section of my site is dedicated to only one purpose: sharing insightful information to help those willing to learn the art of spiritual healing the right way.

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