July 4, 2020

How Ruqya Treatment Can Be an Effective Solution to Spiritual and Physiological Problems?

We’ll Help You Achieve One. Ruqya treatment can be used as the primary form of treatment for many types of spiritual and physiological disturbances in an individual. The conditions may range from spiritual disturbances to physiological symptoms such as physical numbness, palpitations, heat sensations, fear of losing control, fear of going crazy, suicidal ideation, and recurring toxic thoughts of death or annihilations, etc. These are such conditions that not only affect the mental and psychological well being of the patients suffering from spiritual diseases but also inevitably affect their families.  Ruqya treatment is one of the most effective forms of spiritual treatment in these scenarios. It essentially involves recitations of invocations that are based on Quranic verses and true prophetic traditions. Among many other small and major requisites, the patient is taught the required incantations for rohani ilaj. The spiritual healer’s essential role is to encourage and guide the patient […]
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