Is Using Ruhani/Spiritual Items Allowed in Islam?
December 26, 2020
Why Do Spiritual Healers Need Mother’s Name? Are They Doing Black Magic?
December 26, 2020
Is Using Ruhani/Spiritual Items Allowed in Islam?
December 26, 2020
Why Do Spiritual Healers Need Mother’s Name? Are They Doing Black Magic?
December 26, 2020
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Do I have Black Magic and Need Spiritual Healing/Ruhani ilaj?

Black Magic and its Healing- Roohani Online Spiritual Help

I receive many emails and requests from people asking me to shed light on their situations and what it is they should consider as black magic and what is not.

Black magic has some obvious symptoms but the caveat is that many times these symptoms can also have a physiological or medical basis. In that case, it will be a bad idea to execute a spiritual healing process for a problem that doesn’t exist in the first place.

I usually don’t talk about these things in quite a detail, but when I do I become very fair. Naturally, you would wonder why a spiritual healer turns down a so-called spiritual patient who wants their services and is willing to pay after all. If someone comes to me with a lot of strange symptoms, wouldn’t it make my job easier to just say “you got badly harmed by black magic and need spiritual healing right away”? Well, some spiritualist — and pretty much every black magician — would do just that. But here is what you should know: those of the spiritual healers who tend to do aren’t authentic amils. They have no spiritual power that they fear would reduce if they indulged in fake healing practices. The other category is black magicians and you shouldn’t be surprised when they lured you into their temptations — that’s what their job is.

I for one don’t begin any healing process — be it against black magic or something else — without committing some time diagnosing the spiritual situation of the person needing my help. With regard to black magic healing, I know that there are powerful amalyat and rituals involved and there is no room for even a slight mistake. How can I even dare to perform those powerful amalyat and rituals without being half as sure about the true nature of the problem? That would mean bracing up for a catastrophe in my spiritual life — and I’ll never do that.

The spiritual diagnosis helps me gather information about a person’s spiritual situation that would otherwise be not available. This is the process where I also involve my teacher who has over 35 years of healing experience under his belt. Black magic healing is his forte and he has a strong spiritual flair for knowing what problems need to be spiritually addressed and which ones need to be cared for in hospital rooms.

So to your question “do I have black magic and do I need spiritual healing?” I would say it depends. If the spiritual diagnosis we perform indicates that you’re a victim of black magic, then yes — otherwise not.

What I gave you so far is an important context around black magic problems and how to go about healing it, but I wouldn’t leave it there. There are some common symptoms that, in our long experience of dealing with spiritual problems, are generally associated with black magic. I am going to list them below for your general reference. Keep in mind though that these symptoms are just an indication that one could be suffering from black magic. As such, it doesn’t mean that the case of black magic is actual. Having said that, they also signal towards a potential threat and you should just sit back and watch things to unfold on their own. God forbid, when these symptoms start to surface, it’s time to consult an authentic spiritual healer.


Potential Black Magic Symptoms

  • Religion won’t attract you any longer
  • You won’t feel passion for salah (prayer) and it’ll become difficult to perform your religious duties
  • Physiological changes will surface in the form of anger, annoyance, gloominess, hate, jealousy
  • Listening to the Quran will result in annoyance instead of mental peace and calmness
  • Reading or reciting Quran will be more difficult all of a sudden
  • When it’s time to pray, an unusual feeling of fatigue, laziness, sadness, and burning will sail across
  • You will wear different personalities (unintentionally) and people who love you or are loyal to you will prefer keeping distance from you
  • Persons who you wouldn’t think twice about (in normal scenarios) would start obsessing your mind
  • Severe feelings of lack, emptiness, lack of purpose, and lack of spiritual direction
  • Sudden illness or physiological malfunctions of body and/or mind
  • Scary feelings, fear, and anxiety that have no rational basis
  • Bad memory, neurotic behaviour, and negativity in thoughts and actions
  • Odd occurrences to certain parts of your body such as muscle twitching, sore throat, a feeling of numbness and tingling, etc.
  • Difficulty in having proper rest, insomnia, and sleepy existence
    Sudden chills, goosebumps, nightmares, and unusual dreams
  • Negativity in your surrounding, including negative reaction/behaviour of people towards you (even though you treat them fairly)
  • Sudden occurrence of extreme bad luck or a streak of bad events
  • Being at loggerhead with people you deal with usually and sudden occurrence of conflicting issues with family members.
  • Problems related to career or any activity responsible to influence your economic conditions.

All of these are potential symptoms, indicating that the chances of you being a victim of black magic are high. However, as mentioned earlier, having some of these symptoms doesn’t mean it’s confirmed now that you’ve been harmed by black magic. No one can tell you that based on their knowledge of certain symptoms — not even an experienced spiritual healer without performing a proper spiritual diagnosis. It’s therefore necessary to be on high alert and reach out to an authentic amil for analysis as soon as some of these symptoms start to surface.

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