December 24, 2020

Symptoms That a Child is Possessed

While demon spirits are able to possess anyone, children are particularly vulnerable. What makes the situation worse is that children aren’t as spiritual and physically strong as adults to bear the pain of exorcism and other techniques that are used to drive these entities away. There have been numerous reports of adults (often one of the parents) using extremely dangerous techniques to exorcise fairy spirits, demons, and djinns from their children; these include beating children to death or drowning them in the water and claiming that the intention wasn’t to the hurt the child but to drive the evil spirit away. Such methods are always inhuman and any spiritual healer resorting to these kinds of dangerous practices clearly doesn’t know their job well.     I also want to briefly mention that sometimes what parents/adults consider jinn possession turns out to be a physiological problem. People often don’t know how to […]
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