August 21, 2020

Taweez Can Be A Powerful Spiritual Item But Is It Also Permissible In Islam?

This is a question that may bewilder many practicing Muslims. To start off, let’s try to understand what a taweez/talisman is and what it’s essentially created for.  A taweez or talisman is a spiritual item made according to the ancient traditions of the Arabs and Islam.  One great Sufi teacher, Al-Buni, considers taweez to be a spiritual item containing compressed energy which could be used for both good and bad purposes. In the spiritual context, this energy can be so powerful that it may cause massive destruction (if used in negative ways). Although taweez can work equally well for people belonging to all religions or ethnic backgrounds, it’s been mainly used by Muslim and Hindu people since time immemorial.  Talismans that are created by Mulsim spiritual practitioners contain powerful symbols, prayers, and magical verses from the holy Quran. These items are mainly worn to help protect wearers from dark influences […]
July 20, 2020

Powerful Amulets/Talismans and Entity Inhabited Objects: A Few Important Notes

The culture of wearing amulets and talismans is as old as the uses of magic in the history of human existence. People seek these items of occult nature to achieve various goals, including spiritual protection, strong divine attachment, acquisition of worldly goals, or strong human relationships.  As wide as the range of human desires are, amulets and talismans can also be created to fulfill a number of different objectives. In their own categories, these spiritual objects stand out for what they are created, with some inhabited by khudam/djinn and others possessing immense talismanic power.  People often don’t understand what it means to own occult objects that are inhabited by some spiritual entities. After all, a spiritual item may come both in the form of an entity inhabited object or one without any specific entity.  Well, it certainly depends on the objectives a person wants to achieve with the help of […]
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