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Black Magic Symptoms: A Definitive List

Black Magic Symptoms

The symptoms of black magic can be infinitely many, but I have outlined below a breakdown of the most common symptoms that can usually be traced to some form of black magic. On a side note, please bear in mind that the only effective treatment method to do away with these symptoms of black magic is ruqya treatment. A detailed account of how ruqya treatment is performed can be reviewed here or here

Black Magic Symptoms that Ruqya Treatment Can Eliminate:

  1. Nightmares resulting in erotic dreams or being chased by scary things or animals like spiders, snakes, cats, blackbirds, lizards, rats, owls, monkeys, eagles, or other strange animals/birds. 
  2. Shaky feeling in hands or other parts of the body
  3. Breathing problem and tightening of heart vessels or chest pain 
  4. Abnormal heart prickling and other health conditions
  5. Abnormal mental states  and stressful thoughts 
  6. Strong and sudden migraine pain
  7. Presence of aggressive and violent behavior, leading to suicide attempts at times. 
  8. A feeling of occult presences in surrounding
  9. Strong detestable feelings that make you hate people or cast insults
  10. An aversion to hearing or doing good things, including listening to the Quran or performing ruqyah
  11. Insomnia and sudden feelings of being awakened by someone 
  12. Having inner voices that tell you’re evil and then believing those 
  13. A strange feeling of avoiding people for no apparent reason
  14. Fear of talking to people
  15. Stomach ache and digestion problem lasting for many weeks in a row
  16. Feeling like crying for no reason and having unusual sight problems
  17. Sensing strange odors around  
  18. Strong disliking for marriage (out of fear or other reasons)
  19. Angry feelings and subsequent actions that make you feel regretful later on
  20. Cluttered thoughts and strange sounds of ringing in the ear
  21. Strong eating disorder
  22. The appearance of blue or red spots on the skin
  23. Blurred vision and loss of hearing (for no apparent reason)
  24. Irregular period cycles, infertility, and false layer
  25. Sleep disorder resulting in a person waking up with recurring jerks and feeling almost paralyzed
  26. Dreaming where you’re in dirt or a filthy place; dreaming of falling from heights; meeting your duplicate (alter ego) or seeing yourself flying in dream; dreaming where you travel across strange and abandoned places, including deserts, mountains, and thick forests
  27. A strange feeling of weight and heaviness on the head, shoulders, back/ribs, or any other parts of the body
  28. Needle-pricks like feeling in your body or tightness in the chest, continuous burping or coughing or feeling of suffocation. 
  29. Feeling restless most of the time and remaining at loggerhead with people; 
  30. Having diseases that doctors are unable to diagnose 
  31. A sudden change in the way you feel towards other people or yourself, including rapid mood swings in how you think about a particular person — or quick feelings of love and hate
  32. A sudden diversion from religious practices, daunting laziness (felt in particular during performing religious activities), and a sudden interest in bad habits like alcohol, smoking, sex, and gambling. 
All of these and others along the lines of these symptoms are the potential indication of black magic. As mentioned in the opening lines, the best cure for these kinds of problems is ruqya treatment. At Roohani Online Spiritual Help, we have been diagnosing problems of black magic and witchcraft for a long time now. We have the best healing methods in place that are rooted in the strong, inviolable power of ruqya treatment. We are here to help everyone heal and become spiritually blessed, regardless of race, gender, religion, and ethnicity. So feel free to contact if you want us to help you eliminate your most challenging spiritual problems. InshaAllah. 
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