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How Ruqya Treatment Can Be an Effective Solution to Spiritual and Physiological Problems?


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Ruqya treatment can be used as the primary form of treatment for many types of spiritual and physiological disturbances in an individual. The conditions may range from spiritual disturbances to physiological symptoms such as physical numbness, palpitations, heat sensations, fear of losing control, fear of going crazy, suicidal ideation, and recurring toxic thoughts of death or annihilations, etc. These are such conditions that not only affect the mental and psychological well being of the patients suffering from spiritual diseases but also inevitably affect their families. 

Ruqya treatment is one of the most effective forms of spiritual treatment in these scenarios. It essentially involves recitations of invocations that are based on Quranic verses and true prophetic traditions. Among many other small and major requisites, the patient is taught the required incantations for rohani ilaj. The spiritual healer’s essential role is to encourage and guide the patient through the process of practicing ruqya on themselves. Throughout the course of ruqya treatment, a great emphasis is put on the basic Islamic tenets, including having a firm and sincere belief in Allah’s mercy, understanding the concept of illness in Islam, and how illness can be both a test and a means of forgiveness from Allah.  

No herbs and any other forms of medicinal consumption are used in ruqya treatment as it’s a pure form of spiritual treatment. The power of ruqya lies in its ability to help patients speedily recover from spiritual disturbances that are often at the heart of their problems. However, caution must be taken when considering who to approach for ruqya treatment and rohani ilaj. There are many so-called spiritual healers who portray themselves as ustadsz — someone knowledgeable in the teachings of Islam — but aren’t able to perform incantations or use authentic recitations from the Quran or prophetic traditions. Some may try to make the patient believe that the true cause of the illness is nothing other than shir or black-magic, without performing a proper spiritual checkup or pinpointing the actual perpetrator. 

People are advised to not be misguided by their unauthentic directions as it will cause them a lot of psychological and financial worries — all to no avail. Having said that it’s also true that dark forces exist in the world. As we can find many references in the Quran, these djinns and demon spirits possess destructive powers and they can influence people or put their lives in jeopardy in many occult ways. At Roohani Online Spiritual Help, we have practicing Muslim spiritual healers with a wealth of spiritual healing experiences that include reqya treatment and spiritual healing of patients suffering from black magic, curse, evil eye, and hexes. 

Our goal is to help all fellow human beings live peaceful and prosperous lives and, at the same time, make them understand the creation of Allah (swt) beyond what their eyes are able to see. Regardless of your ethnicity, religious affiliation, or geographic context, we are here to listen to your problems, understand them, and then do our best to provide the most effective spiritual healing possible.

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