What are the signs of jinn and demon possession?
December 24, 2020
What is Azaim (AKA Exorcism)?
December 24, 2020
What are the signs of jinn and demon possession?
December 24, 2020
What is Azaim (AKA Exorcism)?
December 24, 2020
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Symptoms That a Child is Possessed

Child Possession-Roohani Online Spiritual Help

While demon spirits are able to possess anyone, children are particularly vulnerable. What makes the situation worse is that children aren’t as spiritual and physically strong as adults to bear the pain of exorcism and other techniques that are used to drive these entities away. There have been numerous reports of adults (often one of the parents) using extremely dangerous techniques to exorcise fairy spirits, demons, and djinns from their children; these include beating children to death or drowning them in the water and claiming that the intention wasn’t to the hurt the child but to drive the evil spirit away. Such methods are always inhuman and any spiritual healer resorting to these kinds of dangerous practices clearly doesn’t know their job well.  


I also want to briefly mention that sometimes what parents/adults consider jinn possession turns out to be a physiological problem. People often don’t know how to conduct a spiritual analysis and really get to the bottom of the problem. It’s extremely dangerous to apply a cure without knowing the real cause of the problem. While there are specific symptoms that could lead one to believe whether a particular psychic problem involves demon possession, one can still mistake a medical problem for a spiritual problem. 


I’m an experienced Amil and dealing with problems of demon possession is part of my routine. Yet I can’t confidently say based on certain symptoms whether the nature of a specific problem is spiritual or otherwise. In almost every case, I do have to perform a spiritual analysis of the person suffering from a problem that is believed to be spiritual nature. I don’t start preparing and performing amalyat/rituals that are used for exorcism right off the bat. It’s a bad practice and often leads to bad consequences (that become very difficult to manage later on). 


In the case of child possession, the rules don’t alter. No matter how severe the nature of the problem and how clear the symptoms are, we still have to perform a thorough spiritual analysis for us to find out the root cause of the problem. This helps us in two ways: one, we’ll know whether the problem is spiritual or physiological in nature; two, we’ll know the spiritual profile of the child suffering from a spiritual problem and then prepare amalyat/rituals that are in line with his/her aura and energy level. 


Now that I gave you a background of how the problem of jinn possession should be handled in the case of children, let me outline some of the common symptoms that are associated with demon possession. When you start seeing some of these symptoms in your child, it’s not a time to wait and expect things to get better on their own. It’s time to act and reach out to a spiritual healer for help. 


  • Your child may suddenly develop insomnia or fear of sleeping
  • Your child may start spending excessive time in the toilet 
  • He/she may be talking to the self in the mirror
  • He/she may develop unreasonable fear of going upstairs alone
  • Your child may complain of pains in certain parts of his/her body (or the pain moving around in the body)
  • You child might use vulgar language that is not inline with a normal-personality child 
  • Your child may have frequent nightmares (of snacks, dogs, animals, things, or people chasing them)
  • Your child may continuously demonstrate strange behaviour as though something encourages him/her to repeat it 
  • The child may complain of pains in the leg or the stomach — at night mostly
  • The child may sense people/jinns walking around — this symptom is usually associated with external possession 
  • He/she may grind teeth in the sleep
  • He/she may have nightmares of falling from high places
  • Your child may develop an intense dislike for listening to Quran 
  • Your child may develop extreme anger and unusual strength
  • He/she may develop an obsession with things of sexual nature from a very young age 
  • He/she may be playing with an invisible friend who has a foreign/strange name 
  • Your child may be constantly triggered to go to the garden at nights for no apparent reason
  • Your child may be hearing mysterious voices when awake 


These are some of the common symptoms associated with demon possession but they are not all. As mentioned, the only way we can know if a child is really possessed is through a thorough spiritual diagnosis. The whole reason why I have outlined these symptoms is to create a sense of urgency. If your child is demonstrating or showing any of the symptoms listed above, you need to treat the matter very seriously and waste no more time. You can contact me for spiritual help and I will be happy to perform a thorough checkup on your child. If it appears to be a demon possession case, I will guide you through the process of how to get rid of this dangerous problem, InshAllah.  

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