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October 5, 2020
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Removing Negative Energy Takes More Than Sending Out Your Bio Data

Negative Energy Healing

I want to talk about a few very important things that people don’t understand. We, the spiritual healers, are no magicians or false sorcerers who engage in the so-called business of bending lucks. No, that’s not how spiritual practitioners do their jobs and that’s not something you should expect of them.

I know it’s unfortunate that many people are going through real pains and there are many pseudo spiritualists out there who try to exploit them in their misery. What a shameful act indeed!

In many cases, they would induce the sufferer to do their bare minimum and still expect the impossible to happen. You can send over a picture along with your full name and call it a day! And they will say it’s all done on their end. No proof of what’s been done and how it’s been done.

Is someone trying to convince you that just by looking at your picture and having your name in mind they could heal the misery you’re struggling with so badly? No, my spiritual brothers and sisters, that’s not how the process of removing negative energy works in any circumstances.

So do me a favour please: don’t add fruther misery to your wounds by reaching out to these people. They are not healers, they are scammers in the truest sense of the word. You never go to a quack or an imposter in the hope of getting healed. Spiritual healing is the realm where pious and God-fearing people who invest their days and nights in prayers, meditation, and spiritual amalyat do make attempts to heal others by the will of Allah (swt). They don’t have magic wands they can turn and solve all your problems instantaneously. They only have spiritual knowledge and strong faith in the mercy of Allah (swt) who has power over everything.

Negative energy creeps in and piles up over the course of many months and, sometimes, many years if the roots are deeper. A few symptoms I plainly know of such a condition is constant anxiety, lack of happiness, lack of purpose, a sense of hollowness, and a constant desire for material comforts (instead of spiritual fulfilments). These symptoms, if found in someone, are enough to make life miserable in the most commiserative way imaginable.

If you’re a victim of these symptoms, first of all, my deep sympathies are with you. Secondly, I advise you to be very practical about this scenario. In other words, don’t shun hard work and don’t expect to strike it lucky at the hands of any spiritual healer — regardless of how strong their spiritual power is. Thirdly, never lose hope or imagine that your problem is insoluble. There’s no such thing as an insoluble spiritual problem, no matter how deep your negative energy runs.

If you come to me, I have a methodical spiritual approach where you’ll be involved in the process equally. There’ll be daily prayers, amalyat, and spiritual readings that will partly be your own responsibility. If you followed what I ask of you, I strongly believe that we both can come out triumphant in exterminating this problem from its root. InshaAllah.

May Allah shower His abundant blessings upon you!

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