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Black Magic Removal Has A Price That Your Spiritual Healer Pays


Many people may be wondering how easy and comfortable a job it is to become a spiritual healer. Many people couldn’t be more wrong. As a matter of fact, putting yourself in the position of a spiritual healer is the most daring and hardworking job you can ever do. The amount of work, study, spiritual amaliyat, and physical hardships (like fastings and sleepless nights) required are so daunting that you won’t even imagine venturing into a role like this.

The life of a spiritual healer whose routine responsibility is to deal with people bearing all kinds of black magic, dark influences, and jinn possession is anything but easy and comfortable. This is true if you look at the situation from the standpoint of a spiritual healer. Let me explain it in the light of how I myself, as an experienced spiritual healer, go about dealing with problems of occult nature.

In the normal course of events — by the way, there’s hardly anything “normal” in the lives of roohani healers — people under the influence of black magic come to me to seek spiritual healing. This is a time when nothing can be said of the severity and true nature of the spiritual disease. So I begin with performing an in-depth spiritual checkup to know what is going on behind the curtain. Through a well-prepared and meticulously executed spiritual checkup only I get an idea of what’s exactly needed to help the affected person get rid of the underlying spiritual problem.

The checkup leads to what I call the “herculean process of removing the black magic.” For a lack of better expression, I call it “a herculean process” because it involves both physical efforts and spiritual risks of server kinds. It’s like going into the wild, making enemies with the lion, and working your way out, alive and unhurt. Not an easy job at all!

Black magic can have dangerous ripple effects. Once removed from its source, it may fly around, potentially hurting the individuals directly dealing with it. In this case, the spiritual healer himself. However, since the spiritual healer is generally not easy to be influenced, the dark forces float in circles, trying to find an opportunity to hurt people who are closest to the healer (including his family).

Do you see the risk? One thing gone wrong and the life of the spiritual healer (or his family) can be at stake.

Apart from the brute force of black magic that I deal with almost every day, I also undergo the painful process of continuous reading, continuous preparation, fasting, invocation, sleepless nights in conjuration, and genuine worrying if everything will be alright at the end. Plus, when a patient having black magic symptoms comes to me, it becomes my responsibility to not just give him a ray of hope but actually do everything at my spiritual power to cure the problem.

So, yes, the life of a spiritual healer like myself is full of challenges and grave difficulties. But these challenges are worth taking when they lead to someone becoming happy and spiritually healthy again. So I take great pride in the journey that God has chosen for me and I look forward to becoming a source of spiritual healing for more people.

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