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Black Magic: The Invisible Enemy

Black Magic - The Invisible Enemy

The use of black magic to achieve unlawful intentions has been around since the time immemorial. Oftentimes it results from human conceits and jealousy. As you see having enemies is not an uncommon phenomenon. If you become successful and achieve abundance in life, there’ll always be a small portion of people who’ll try to harm you — some times out of sheer jealousy, other times out of blatant enmity.

Now there are two usual routes they can use to express their hate or take their vengeance: one is to cause you physical harm or any form of material distress; the other is to apply black magic in the hope of bringing about bad luck or causing emotional and spiritual distresses.

With the first form of attack, there are obvious precautionary measures you can take. For example, you may ignore the person who tries to mess around with you. You may politely invite them to a civil discussion and try to eliminate problems that are causing any undue resentments. Or you may take more severe action and report the person to the law enforcement bodies. In other words, you’ll never be in a position where you would have no clue what’s to be done or how to protect yourself from looming danger.

The second form of attack — the black magic attack — is rather more subtle and scarier in nature. Here you’re not usually aware of the perpetrator or the evil intentions they harbor in their hearts. Being a victim of their magic spells, you can only recognize the effects and not the causes (or the person behind those causes). This is a realm of black magic where occult powers of dangerous amaliyat and, sometimes, the assistance of jinn are exercised to cause various forms of psychic, mental, spiritual, and physical harms. There’s no one to report, no one to engage in a civil/reconciliatory discussion, and no one to hide away from. In other words, you become completely helpless — unless, of course, you turn your face to the ultimate force: the force of Allah (swt) Who has power over everything.

Fortunately, the healing for any spiritual and worldly problems has already been provided by the omniscient and all-merciful God in the Quran:

“And We send down in the Qur’ān that which is a cure and a mercy for the believers.”

— Al-Quran 17:81-2

Now it’s up to us where we turn our faces to for help. At Roohani Online Spiritual Help, we not only help you help yourself but also put our decades of experience and spiritual knowledge to work to eliminate severe spiritual problems, including black magic, that may wreak havoc on your life.

For more details, you can check our ruqya treatment resource where we have described in detail how black magic and other problems of spiritual nature can be effectively dealt with using the ruqya method.

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