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Spiritual Healing Oil / Ruqya Healing Oil

Ruqya Spiritual Healing Oil

We are living in a world of chaos. These are times when ordinary people fall prey to spiritual and physical problems that were unheard of among the previous generations. You’ll be surprised to see the number of strange symptoms people show that have no direct links to any known biological diseases that medical science is able to tackle. These are evidently the occult symptoms of black magic, demon possessions, evil eye, and other paranormal phenomena. 

It’s true that medical science has its limits when it comes to curing problems of spiritual nature. Fortunately, it’s embedded in our beliefs (as Muslims) that where there’s a problem, there’s a source of solution. That solution, in the case of spiritual problems, comes from the Quran, prophetic traditions, and the rohani knowledge of spiritual Amils/Sheikhs/Practitioners. 

The vast majority of these spiritual problems are solved by Ruqya — which is one of the most popular methods of healing in Islam. To get a better understanding of the actual scope and range of problems Ruqya method is able to cure, take a look at the list of symptoms I’ve put together in another recent article: Black Magic Symptoms: A Definitive List 

Be it black magic, evil eye, jinn possession, or any other forms of spiritual problems, Ruqya is by far the most effective form of treatment. The ruqya healing oil that I prepare can be used both as a stand-alone treatment substance or as an auxiliary to supplement the regular ruqya procedure. The recommended approach is to use it as a supplement to the actual ruqya treatment that involves certain rituals, amalyat, and recitation of specific verses from the holy Quran. In the latter case, one can apply the spiritual healing oil on the body of the affected person while Ruqya is being performed (either remotely or on a premise). This is going to help eradicate any problems associated with demon possession or black magic. InshaAllah. 

When combined with a proper Ruqya session, ruqya healing oil can help the patient speedily recover from various spiritual and physiological problems. It can also be used on its own where situations to perform the full ruqya don’t allow — though it’s always advisable to use the spiritual healing oil as a supplement to ruqya and not as a substitute for it. 

There are many situations where ruqya healing oil can come in quite handy. Some of them include black magic or all related magic, evil-eye victim cases, jinn or demonic possessions, negative energy removal, and spiritual cleansing. In all these cases, ruqya healing oil can be used as a strong weapon to fight back and get rid of the spiritual problem. The healing oil is highly effective and you only need to employ it in small amounts to speed up the recovery process, InshaAllah. For more information on ruqya healing oil, please visit the product page where you’ll find specific details and can also place a purchase quest. 

May Allah (swt) bless you all! 

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