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The Things No Spiritual Practitioner Would Tell You About Khodam/Muwakil

Muwakkil Khodam

There are many things spiritual practitioners won’t feel comfortable to reveal. I, for one, don’t usually talk about the specifics when it comes to Khodam/Muwakil or other angelic entities. However, in the past couple of weeks, I have been receiving so many requests to talk over this subject — elucidating who Khodams are and how they function in the spiritual realm. In spite of having some inner reluctance, I’m nevertheless going to shed some light on this subject, hoping that my readers will not be disappointed.  

Who Are Muwakils/Khodams?

There’s a misconception, even among most spiritual practitioners, that Muwakils or Khodams are essentially from the Jinn kind. The reality is otherwise. A Khodam is an occult entity that shares some characteristics of Jinn or of Angel in some respect. In other words, it’s an entity in between these two entities. Most spiritual adepts are of the view that khodams are made out of light (unlike Jinn that’s made out of smokeless fire). With respect to influence and power, khodams are way above the rank. But what primarily keeps them apart is the fact that they cannot be made servants unlike jinns. Therefore, the only way a spiritual practitioner can conjure a muwakil is through the process of friendship.

How to Get a Muwakil Involved

Muwakils or Khodams are higher order beings and they don’t function at the behest of someone. They are independent and their service is more of a help than an expression of obedience to a spiritual master. This is essentially why one can’t get them involved directly, but through a liaison jinn that serves as a bridge between a spiritual practitioner and the muwakil. 

For that to happen, a long and herculean process of achieving marifat is involved. Not everybody with some practice of spirituality is blessed with the gift of Khodam. It happens through years of prayers, Quranic readings, amalyat, fasting, and other forms of spiritual fortifications. And it happens in the form of friendship, not through some master-servant line of affinity. What’s more, even if one is blessed with the gift of Khodam, there happens no direct communication very often. In other words, the muwakil only becomes a source of help but real communication takes place indirectly, with the involvement of an informant jinn. 

I for one don’t communicate with my khodam directly, sometimes for many years in a row. Only when the situation is very severe and the nature of help required is way beyond the capabilities of the assigned jinn, then I feel the real need to communicate with my muwakil. How do I connect with him is another intricate story that I don’t want to get into right now. In short, it requires me to go through some very long and spiritually painful amalyats and rituals for the connection to happen. I don’t want to hurt our friendship and make sure that the problem I’m conjuring him for is really something his assigned jinn would not be able to handle alone. 

Anyway, I hope this small description of who muwakkil/khodams are and how they assist a spiritual practitioner is going to help increase your understanding of the subject. If you still have any inquiries you want answers to, please feel free to connect with me. 

May Allah (swt) Bless You All! 

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