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Ultimate Spiritual Ruqya Healing oil


The Ultimate Ruqya healing oil – An important weapon for fighting evil afflictions


The Ultimate Ruqya healing oil – An important weapon for fighting evil afflictions

The world is becoming more spiritual on a daily basis. They have been different unexplained spiritual conditions that people are undergoing in different parts of the world. Some of these sicknesses defy scientific and medical explanation as most cases the best medical scan cannot give a valid cause of a certain type of illness. However, in recent times people have started seeking alternative solutions to certain conditions or disorder in the body that devoid scientific explanation. One of the solutions that people have been using is Ruqya healing. This method is gradually gaining acceptance around different parts of the world.

Ruqya has been given a wrong impression over the years in different areas. Some people believe that Ruqya treatment is an incantation and that it is derived from black magic. This has been the major reasons why people were discouraged from using ruqya treatment in the past. However, in Islam ruqya refers to any recitation, seeking refuse and remembrance of Allah that is tailored towards treating/healing a sick person. It is based on the recitation of selected surahs and verses from the Quran as well as some recommended prophetic prayers. Ruqya treatment is very vast and it covers illnesses that can be traced to magic, possession and evil eyes. It is a treatment relayed to us by the Prophet SAW that can be used for affliction such as magic, possession and evil eyes.

For Ruqya treatment to be effective and achieve the intended result quickly, Ruqya oil is usually applied to the patient when the Ruqya is being performed.  During the Ruqya session, only a little amount of Ruqya oil should be applied to the patient. This is due to the fact that it is very effective. Many people suffering from various afflictions like magic, possession and evil eyes related illness have benefited greatly from using Ruqya oil. It is important to state here that Ruqya oil is not a replacement of regular medicines, rather it supplements the regular medicine and makes them work effectively. Ruqya healing oil is generally very difficult to make as it takes 2 weeks to be prepared the different oils that I use are from different places from the Middle East they are very expensive due to the fact they are very hard to find once they are found they must be the correct potency alhamdulillah I have access to them then Rituals / Amulets must be done to Empower the oil.

Many Islamic healers have affirmed the fact that the Ruqya healing oil is very effective and capable of solving countless spiritual problems when combined with proper Ruqya session. It can also be used alone to speed up the recovery when healing people with various spiritual problems. However, it is always advisable to use it when the Ruqya session is being performed. It has been confirmed that it is very effective during that period.

When to Use the Ruqya Healing Oil

Ruqya healing oil can be applied in different situations; some of the areas where this ultimate healing oil can be applied are discussed below;

  • Black Magic and All related Magic: In the world, we find ourselves today, black magic and other magical activities are becoming the order of the day. This is why you see people suffering from countless unexplained conditions. The Ruqya healing oil can be applied to somebody that is being afflicted by dark magic. Most Raqi has been using the Ruqya oil recently and it has really helped solved countless spiritual conditions. What makes this healing oil unique is the fact that it can easily free patient from magic and it is very effective and fast. It complements the effort the Ruqya itself when the right portion is applied.


  • Victims of the evil eyes (Nazar): Many people today are being envious because of their level of success and growth in their worldly endeavour. The evil eye is the name of misfortune that is being transmitted by somebody who is envious, jealous of people’s success. Sometimes these evil eyes misfortune are sometimes unintentional. Evil eyes can affect both human beings and possessions. It affects livestock, children and any type of materialistic items. The most vulnerable ones are the children, wealthy and beautiful people. The Ruqya oil can offer protection against the evil eyes misfortune and can offer healing to people suffering from this misfortune already. Sometimes people unintentionally cast evil eyes on other people because they were just jealous and visualize certain things about the people which will finally happen to the victims. In view of this, it is advisable to always be satisfied with the little Allah has given to you and stop hurting people unintentionally.


  • Possession (Jinn and Demonic problem): Jinn are unseen creatures that form their own world other than that of mankind and they are capable of causing physical, mental and spiritual harms to mankind. Possession is the belief that an individual has been entered by a spirit or other unknown parahuman forces which will completely take over the person. The rate at which people are being possessed by Jinn and demon around the world is becoming an issue of concerned. Some Islamic healers are of the opinion that most people who are being possessed by jinn and demons are beautiful women. In other words, beautiful women are more vulnerable to jinn and demonic possession. This is why it is advisable to always take preventive measures against such possession. However, when people are possessed by a jinn or suffering from the demonic problem of any kind, the Ultimate Ruqya healing oil can go a long way in proffering healing solution to such victim. It has been proven that this healing oil is highly effective when used to cure victims of jinn or demonic possession when combined with proper Ruqya session.


  • Removal of Negativity: Negativity is a cankerworm that eats into the success of many people. Most people who would have been very successful today are being limited by their negative thoughts and beliefs. Sometimes negativity in people has a spiritual trace, thus the need to perform Ruqya on such people. To achieve a great result in this, the ultimate Ruqya healing oil can be applied during the Ruqya session for quick recovery and more effective result.


  • Spiritual Cleansing: The ultimate Ruqya healing oil can also be used by spiritual healers before they start any spiritual work or meditation. It will make them to be more spiritually active and prepare them spiritually for the spiritual activity.

The ultimate Ruqya oil is a weapon for fighting and healing countless spiritual and evil afflictions. It is applied to a patient when Ruqya is being performed. Only small amount is required and it is contained in a 3ml bottle. This oil is highly effective and makes the recovery process fast inshallah.


Please Note: I will need two weeks to prepare the oil for the individual after purchasing is made product picture is just for display purposes only 

Please understand, regardless of how amazing and Powerful this custom-made Oli is Alhamdulillah this custom-made oil is a powerful means to assist you if Allah Subhana Wa’Tala wills. Lastly and most importantly, If Allah Subhana Wa’Tala does not will for something to happen, then nothing in this world or any other can make it happen.

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