Aura Cleansing Crystal Ring
Powerful Aura Cleansing Crystal Ring
September 18, 2019
Chakra Balancing Crystal Ring
Chakra Balancing Crystal Ring
September 18, 2019
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Chakra Cleansing Crystal Ring


The Chakra Cleansing Crystal Ring that we are offering will be spiritually in powered made specifically for you. We will enhance the natural abilities of the crystal 100+




Crystals have been around since time immemorial. The reason why they are considered effective by most spiritual practitioners is that they are highly receptive to spiritual energy and their retention power is amazing. Not every material has the capacity to house the extremely powerful amalyat and rituals that go into the making of a spiritual item. Some items are weak and brittle (spiritually speaking), meaning that they don’t have the capability to either receive the spiritual power of amaliyt or retain them for a long period of time. 


The nature of amalyat, rituals, and supplications that go into the making of chakra cleansing talisman is very powerful. And choosing crystals is the best way we can ensure their energy remains intact. Moreover, it comes in a ring form which means you don’t have to worry about carrying it around. I make it a point that the ring is not only imbued with the needed spiritual energy but is comfortable and visually pleasing (from an aesthetic sense). 


Crystals aren’t some new spiritual tool that people are utilizing — they’re millions of years old. Ancient cultures have been using them for centuries, so they don’t need any introduction to the spiritual world (especially to people who tend to practice reiki and energy healing). Among many other things, crystals are generally used by spiritual practitioners for purposes like:


  • Home Protection 
  • Home Cleansing
  • Negative Energy Healing
  • Aura Cleansing
  • Chakra Cleansing
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Meditation Goals
  • Opening up Chakra
  • Spiritual Protection 
  • Eliminating Depression and Anxiety 


Crystals come in all different sizes, shapes, and colours. Each type can be used for a specific purpose. The type of crystal you use for healing physical issues (like pain, soothing, and anxiety treatment) will not be the same as the one used for fixing spiritual imbalances and problems related to one’s chakra. Crystals naturally come with a number of benefits (some of them mentioned above) but when the right crystal is chosen, it’ll be compatible with the individual’s spiritual profile and aura. The choice of material is very important as any run-of-the-mill crystal (purchased from the internet) is not going to do you any good. It’s the job of the spiritual healer/practitioner to find the right crystal for the individual — a crystal that aligns with your aura and chakras with respect to the right size, colour, and shape.


I have been talking about chakra balancing on a number of other occasions. If you want to get a sense of what chakras are and how they do impact us at a spiritual level, you may consider going through this or this page


Unlike chakra opening and chakra balancing talismans, this particular item aims at cleansing your chakras. If you are not quite familiar with chakras, they are the energy sources that are positioned in the central channel of the energetic spine. Energy springs forth from the base of the spine and channels it towards the crown of the head. When one’s chakras are not cleaned, this route (where energy flows) gets hampered, resulting in spiritual consequences that surface in the form of anxiety, lack of inner peace, disinterestedness, and pessimism. To keep one’s energy flowing and to maintain one’s spiritual state, it’s necessary that these energy centers (chakras) are taken due care of. They should not be spiritually clogged or imbalanced or they will give birth to numerous problems both spiritual and physiological in nature. On the other hand, if your chakras are balanced, clean, and spiritually functional, there will be fewer problems in life. 


The Chakra Cleansing Crystal Ring I’m offering is spiritually empowered and made specifically for you. It will not work on anyone else as the amalyat and rituals that go into it align with your specific aura and chakras. It’s my belief that the power of amalyat and rituals used to prepare this spiritual item will enhance the natural abilities of the crystal a hundred times more. 


The amalyat performance is a process and it cannot be done within a matter of days. In general, this specific spiritual ring will take 21-25 days for me to prepare, InshAllah.


If you want to place a request for this talisman, please mention your full name and your mother’s full name along with your picture and date of birth. You can leave these details in the notes section of the order.


Finally, I would like you to be aware of a few rules pertaining to the chakra cleansing crystal ring. The spiritual item being very sensitive in nature you have to make sure that its respect and sanctity isn’t compromised somehow. Some of the rules you should adhere to after receiving the spiritual ring include:


  • Not wearing it while going into bathrooms or places that are considered disrespectful. 
  • Not wearing it while engaging in any sort of sexual activity (even lawful)
  • Not wearing it while drinking alcohol or eating pork (if you’re a non-Muslim)
  • And (if you’re a female) not wearing it while you are on your monthly cycle. 


If you follow these rules and maintain the sanctity of your spiritual item, it’ll never lose its energy and you’ll keep benefiting from its spiritual power, InshAllah. 

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