inner Happiness & Peace Aqeeq Ring
inner Happiness & Peace Aqeeq Ring
September 6, 2019
Chakra Cleansing Crystal Ring
Chakra Cleansing Crystal Ring
September 18, 2019
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Powerful Aura Cleansing Crystal Ring


The Aura Cleansing Crystal Ring that we are offering will be spiritually in powered made specifically for you. We will enhance the natural abilities of the crystal 100+




When preparing spiritual items, there are two important aspects that need to be kept in mind. One, what kind of material/item the spiritual amliyat are performed on? Two, what kind of amliyat are performed, how they are performed, and who performs them? The success of a spiritually empowered item depends on both. The first aspect — choice of material — is important because not every item has the needed power to receive and retain the spiritual energy of high magnitude. Some items are weak or brittle (in a spiritual sense), making them ineffective for powerful amliyat like the ones that go into aura cleansing. There are only a handful of material choices that sit well with any kind of spiritual item, whether it’s for protection, good luck, energy healing, aura cleansing, or some other purposes. Crystals are an ideal choice, not only for aura cleansing but a number of other spiritual items. 

Crystals aren’t some new spiritual tool that modern-day spiritualists prefer, they have been around since time immemorial. Ancient cultures have been using them for centuries and there’s hardly any need for their introduction in the spiritual world (especially to people who practice reiki and energy healing). Among a number of other goals, crystals are used for:


  • Home Protection 
  • Home Cleansing
  •  Negative Energy Removal 
  • Aura Cleansing 
  • Chakra Cleansing 
  • Chakra Balancing 
  • Spiritual Healing 
  • Success in Meditation 
  • Opening up Chakra 
  • Spiritual Protection 
  • Depression and Anxiety Healing


The list doesn’t end here. The point is that because crystals have the capability to produce amazing results when they go along with any spiritual healing practice, they are the favourite choice of most spiritual healers (including myself).

Crystals emit and absorb energy, which is why they’re so popular when it comes to spiritual healing or aura cleansing. There is no doubt that crystals are so much more than just beautiful stones.


These materials come in different sizes, shapes, and colours. The type of crystals, their shapes, and colour matter as each type is used to serve specific purposes, from healing physical issues (like pain, soothing, and calming during bouts of anxiety and depression) to fixing spiritual imbalances to problems that concern chakra and energy healing.


Due to these reasons, the choice of a correct crystal is very important and it’s the responsibility of the spiritual healer to ensure that the selected item is compatible with an individual’s spiritual profile, energy level, and spiritual aura. One can’t willy nilly pick a crystal from the internet and start using it. Some people tend to do that but they end up getting rather disappointed because the choice of crystal not being correct and aligned with their chakras and energy level, they get into more trouble.  


I slightly touched upon why the choice of the right material alone isn’t sufficient. You may get a crystal and it may even happen to be aligned with your chakra and energy level. But if it’s not imbued with the amalyat and rituals that are necessary to cleanse and enhance your aura, you are not going to get the results you aspire for. In other words, it’s going to be just another stone, devoid of spiritual energy that would have been necessary to produce the right results. 


The Aura Cleansing Crystal Ring that I’m offering is going to be tailored to your specific energy level and aura cleansing needs. I’m going to infuse into this crystal powerful amalyat, supplications, and rituals drawn from the Holy Quran and prophetic traditions. My amliyat are battle-tested and they have the capability to withstand any spiritual hurdles and attacks that get in the way of you and your spiritual aura. I perform them by adhering to a strict set of rules to ensure that your spiritual crystal ring is filled with positive energy and is fully capable of cleansing any negative influences around your aura. 


Besides cleansing your aura, it’ll also help you maintain your chakra balance, remove any energy blockages, and remove any threats coming from the envy of people. Overall, you’ll enjoy the benefits of being a positive, attractive, and happy person with whom people would love to spend time. Being an attractive and positive person also means you will be amicable — a quality that will hold important relationships together. 


Information I Need From You

If you’re the person who wishes to get this spiritual ring and enjoy its benefits, please process your order here. I will need your full name and your mother’s full name along with your picture and D.O.B. You leave these details (along with any other info you wish to share) in the notes section of the order.  I will proceed with the preparation and connect with you soon, InshAllah. 


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