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September 18, 2019
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Spiritual Protection Crystal Ring
September 18, 2019
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Chakra Opening Crystal Amulet


The Chakra Opening Crystal Amulet that we are offering will be spiritually in powered made specifically for you. We will enhance the natural abilities of the crystal 100+

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Many of my spiritual items are concerned with chakras — opening chakras, cleansing chakras, balancing chakras. I have learned about this subject from my teacher quite a long time ago and I know the important role chakras play in one’s life. Most of the time the metaphysical things happening in our spiritual ecosystem are responsible for our happiness. They are also responsible for the various issues we encounter in the form of anxiety, depression, pessimism, lack of hope, etc. 


People don’t usually believe when I say that within the spiritual ecosystem it’s our chakras that are the ultimate cause of these emotions. Although chakras don’t have a physical form (like other organs have within our bodies), they do have a spiritual presence. They are responsible for the energy that moves our bodies — the energy that springs forth in the central channel of the energetic spines and flows towards the crown of the head. 


Chakra is a Sanskrit word which literally means “wheel” or “disk”. Spiritualists believe that there are seven chakras governing the energy system with every human body. These chakras are the primary source of energy that is needed to keep our system functional. Chakras can get clogged, imbalanced, or contaminated. If proper care is not taken at the spiritual level, they start causing problems in our lives. These problems could surface in the form of severe depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues that we often (and mistakenly), associate with material causes. Not to mention the effects that spiral into other areas of life and come back in the form of bad luck and misfortune.


The reason why I’m preparing this specific Crystal Amulet is to help people open their energy channels and get rid of any problems associated with their chakras. If your chakras are clogged, they need to be opened in order for you to release the flow of the energy. Alhamdulillah, the spiritual amalyat and rituals I have infused into this Crystal Amulet are so powerful that they will eliminate any problem associated with your chakras. Whether they are affected due to the negative energy of the people around you or through some other ways, the spiritual effect of the crystal Crystal Ring will provide a perfect solution, InshAllah. 


The Crystal Amulet is powerful for two reasons: one, it’s imbued with spiritual amalyat and supplications that are rooted in Quranic verses and Islamic prayers. Two, the choice of material is such that ensures that the spiritual energy of amalyat and rituals is well absorbed and retained for an extended period of time. It’s like a life-time investment you make for your chakras that play so important a role in your internal life. 


It’s true that crystals don’t need any introduction in the spiritual world. They have been around since the dawn of human history and people have been utilizing them as spiritual tools to cure various types of spiritual problems. If you’re someone who is concerned with the practice of reiki and energy healing, crystals are probably one of the few items you’re dealing with on a frequent basis. They are the preferred choice of spiritual healers in a variety of situations, including the ones mentioned below:


  • They are used for home protection
  • They are utilized for cleansing negative energy 
  • They are considered for aura cleansing
  • They are an amazing resource for chakra cleansing
  • They work amazingly well for chakra balancing
  • They are used for spiritual healing
  • They help in meditation and zikir
  • They are great for opening chakras
  • They used for spiritual protection
  • They used to heal depression and anxiety


Crystals have a lot of other uses and benefits in the spiritual domain, but they work like a charm in the case of chakras and chakra-related problems. They are beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to carry around. But more than their aesthetic value, they are great in emitting and absorbing spiritual energy – which is why they’re so popular among spiritual healers.


I would also like you to know that the choice of sizes, shapes, and colour is as important as the material itself. Everyone’s aura and energy level being different, the type of crystal has to be specific. You cannot willy nilly pick any crystal from the web and start using it for spiritual purposes. A quick diagnosis of your spiritual profile is necessary before deciding on a certain type of crystal. The shape, colour, and contour also matter depending on what type of problems are being dealt with. If you are dealing with physical issues (like pain, anxiety, and restlessness), the type of crystal used in the healing process will be different than that used for spiritual problems like chakra imbalances, bad luck, and negative energy removal. 


I am a person of sincerity and good faith and I, for one, believe that these are the qualities every spiritual practitioner should embody. I never mind doing my due diligence and performing a detailed spiritual analysis of the person I’m making the Crystal Amulet for. It’s only after the spiritual diagnosis, I go ahead and start preparing the spiritual item. 


The Chakra Opening Crystal Amulet will take 21-25 days to prepare. You’ll be required to send your full name and your mother’s full along with you your picture and D.O.B. You may include these details in the notes section of the order and send the picture as an attachment via email. 

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