Chakra Cleansing Crystal Ring
Chakra Cleansing Crystal Ring
September 18, 2019
Spiritual Healing Crystal Ring
Powerful Crystal Ring for Spiritual Healing
September 18, 2019
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Chakra Balancing Crystal Ring


The Chakra Balancing Crystal Ring that we are offering will be spiritually in powered made specifically for you. We will enhance the natural abilities of the crystal 100+




If you have been aware of the important role chakra plays in maintaining positivity and a spiritual balance in your life, it’s time you knew it. A number of emotional, psychological, and metaphysical problems we encounter in our daily lives are to do with chakra. If one’s chakra is clogged, unbalanced, or otherwise affected by negative influences, chances are that the person will experience strange problems. Human beings have a very complex system — complex not only from the standpoint of physical structure but also of spiritual makeup. Our world is affected and driven by spiritual factors that are not visible. As a matter of fact, 90% of the things that affect our lives are invisible in nature — they are the matter of spirituality and come into play in a realm we often associate with the metaphysical world.


Chakras have their roots in the metaphysical reality. They are sometimes referred to as Shumna and are positioned in the central channel of the energetic spine. According to popular belief, they cause energy to spring forth from the base of the spine and channel it towards the crown of the head. The route where energy flows has a great bearing on how one’s chakras are balanced. Essentially, chakras are the energy centers and one of the most important factors to strike a balance between body and soul. Spiritually clogged or imbalanced chakras means unhappy and problematic life. The reverse is also true: if your chakras are balanced and functional, there will be fewer problems and spiritual troubles in life. 


What are chakras?

Originating from a Sanskrit word, chakras literally means a “disk” or a “wheel”. Speaking generally, chakras are considered to be energy channels that move our bodies. While there are different explanations and theories around how the chakras function, it’s generally believed that as the wheels of the chakra system spin around, they give off energy particles that align with certain internal organs or bodies of nerves. Chakras have wheels and those spiritual wheels need to keep spinning without losing balance or getting interrupted. As and when they stop spinning or lose their balance, they will no longer be able to retain their vitality and produce the effects they are meant to produce. What will happen if your chakras lose their balance or vitality? Among other problems of spiritual nature, you likely experience various kinds of physiological and emotional symptoms in the form of anxiety, distress, pessimism, mood swings, and negativity. 


I touched upon the position and flow of chakras within our bodies. But if you may be interested in diving deep into the world of chakra, you may consider picking a book on the subject (there are numerous resources available on the internet). It’s believed that there are seven main chakras that, starting at the spinal root, flow upward towards the crown of your head. But, as far as my spiritual knowledge is concerned, it’s not clear what the exact numbers are since there are opinions that the number of chakras in a person’s body could be much larger than what’s generally believed. While I won’t persuade you to believe any of the existing theories, you may come across many opinions and even scientific publications like “A Brief History of the Chakras in the Human Body” that talk about a complex system comprising as many as 114 chakras. 


Now that you have a better perspective of what chakras are and how they may affect us at both spiritual and physical levels, let me shed some light on what Talisman is about and how it is going to help your chakras maintain their balance. 


First of all, the chakra balancing solution I provide comes in the form of a crystal ring. Crystal being receptive and retentive for spiritual energy is the ideal material one may consider housing spiritual amaliyat. The spiritual ring is specially prepared to keep your chakras going without any interference. It’s imbued with amalayat, rituals, and supplications that are rooted in prophetic traditions and powerful Quranic verses. The compressed energy infused into the spiritual ring enables it to provide constant help in maintaining the clarity and balance that your chakras need for them to function seamlessly. 


The amliyat are performed so that any negativity and spiritual attacks that are intentionally carried out by someone don’t have any effect on your chakras. In the event that such attempts are made, the spiritual ring will become active and will neutralize the negative effects at first, and then remove its impact all together (InshAllah). Among other benefits, the chakra balancing crystal ring will protect your aura and energy level. It’ll provide spiritual protection against evil eye, sihir, and demon influences. It’ll also improve your aura, leaving a radiating effect on you personally and making you feel great about yourself. All of these will lead to other people being more cordial and feeling more close to you. 


The turnaround time for the Chakra Balancing Crystal Ring will be 21-25 days. To proceed, I will need your full name, your mother’s full name, your picture, date of birth, and any other info you feel like sharing regarding your situation. You can leave these details in the notes section of the order or send them separately via email.

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