Black Magic: The Invisible Enemy
October 16, 2020
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November 4, 2020
Black Magic: The Invisible Enemy
October 16, 2020
The Things Spiritual Practitioners Should Know About Conjuration
November 4, 2020
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Black Magic Healing Procedure: What You Need to Know

black magic healing steps

In the last post, I talked about what black magic (and related spiritual problems) stems from and why it’s so serious a problem. In this one, I will walk you through the procedure we follow in order to cure black magic.

There are three steps and these steps are essentially what we need to follow to spiritually heal the person suffering from black magic.

Step One: The Diagnosis

An often overlooked step of the process. Spiritual diagnosis is the very first step a spiritual patient needs to go through. As a matter of fact, it’s vital for any type of spiritual problem — not just black magic — because it allows the spiritual practitioner to really get to the crux of the problem. In many cases, the root cause of a spiritual problem appears to be something other than what the patient suspects. The healing process cannot take place nor the selection of a healing method can be determined unless a proper diagnosis of the problem is carried out. It’s quite like a physical condition that, when you go to a hospital, your doctor assesses before prescribing any medication or medical procedure.

Step Two: The Healing
This step is what leads to the actual healing process. My teacher and I go through a series of specific amalyat, chanting, Quranic reading, and other specific rituals for us to combat the dark forces that orbit or riddle the affected body. This phase is when the most severe and spiritually fortifying procedure is carried out. For example, the chanting, amalyat, and Quranic reading aren’t done in a single round; they go on for hours in a row and for many weeks. All of this is done while maintaining other strict conditions, such as fasting, avoiding specific foods and food ingredients (including meat, sauces, dairies, spices, and herbs), avoiding sexual activity, and following a specific pattern of time in a specific place. And these conditions and the entire healing process need to be maintained for as long as ninety days in the case of black magic removal. That’s a hard process — hard enough to turn most spiritual healers into exhausted combatants.

What’s more, the healing process must be inclusive. In other words, it requires the person seeking spiritual healing to participate in the process when it comes to performing certain amalyat and reading certain Quranic verses. If this condition isn’t fulfilled, there’s no guarantee that the dark energy will be eliminated for good. At best, it can be neutralized — a short cut most spiritual practitioners tend to follow — but that’s not a permanent solution. Why? Because even if you feel better during the healing, the chances of the dark influence of black magic returning will be quite high. This is so because neutralizing the dark influence isn’t paramount to permanently eliminating it from within a body. It’s this reason why we require the affected person to participate in the healing process.

I have talked about this particular issue in one of my recent posts titled: Removing Negative Energy Takes More Than Sending Out Your Bio Data

[Make it a point to go through if you want more explanation around this particular issue.]

Step Three. The HISAR
This is when a spiritual Hisar (protective circle) is placed around the body to ensure it’s protected from all kinds of black magic attacks in the future. The Hisar is done after the healing process is fully completed. Essentially, this is done to add an additional protective shield around your aura to make it immune to all kinds of potential attacks, including black magic, demon possession, and evil eye.

I hope you got a better feel for what this process looks like now. But if you have any questions you want to ask, feel free to drop them at I’ll get back to you with my answers soon.

Also, if you need a spiritual checkup done, be sure to check this resource here.

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