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May 11, 2020
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RUQYA Treatment For Black Magic, Spells & Demon Possession
May 13, 2020
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In-depth Istikhara and BlackMagic, Jinn-Djinn, Demon Spirit Checkup

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Use the Power of Our Rohani Amil and Black Magic Healer to Remove Spiritual Problems & Attain Complete Peace and Happiness. You Deserve A Great Life!


Get Your Life Back on Track

Many people undergo all kinds of spiritual problems, without realizing the true nature of their troubles. In most cases, these spiritual problems require spiritual solutions and that’s where I come into play. With my spiritual rituals, in-depth istikhara, and other healing methods, I not only help people get fully recovered from dire spiritual crises but also understand the creation of Allah that’s not visible to us in our daily lives. Be it black magic, evil-eye, spirit possession, or any other life problems, I have the best spiritual solutions to bring around these.

The in-depth Istikhara and spiritual diagnosis are particularly practiced for those curious to know if they have any grievous problems of spiritual nature. As a roohani amil and black magic expert, I perform rituals and Istikhara that has the ability to confirm (100%) whether someone is struck by any spiritual problem.

The spiritual diagnosis essentially allows me to determine the nature of treatment and the items, rituals, and other conventions that go along with it. Spiritual healing is not guesswork and I, for one, make sure that I only utilize what’s most appropriate and suited to the specific situation of the person seeking my spiritual help.  

What's Needed?

To perform a spiritual checkup that’s applicable to your specific situation, I will need a little background information. This includes your full name, your mother’s full name, your picture, and the symptoms you believe you have that are potentially leading to spiritual problems. Use the note box section of the order page to provide these pieces of information. Once the order is placed, the checkup process will take about two days. 

Regarding the Spiritual Check-up

In most cases, the spiritual diagnosis I perform allows me to recommend one of two types of spiritual solutions: One, a spiritual item (Taweez/Talisman, Amulet, Ring, etc.) or treatment that can be purchased through our website. Two, a ritual to practice that’s likely to solve the spiritual problem 80% of the time. The ritual method will be free but the treatment or spiritual item(s) come with a cost.

Needless to say, I consider financial compensation as a token of good faith in my spiritual services. Moreover, the methods, treatments, and spiritual items I deliver come with their respective costs — in the form of time, money, and sacred exercises. It won’t be possible for me (or any Spiritual Amil for that matter) to deliver these services for free. My love for humanity is pure of any material greed and I want to avail every one of my spiritual power and aptitude. Having said that, I also have to make sure that it doesn’t inflict any undue financial burden on me or my family. Most of all, I take satisfaction in the fact that my spiritual solutions work and the benefits people get from them far exceed the pecuniary compensation they make.

These are the things that Spiritual Diagnosis can be done for inshallah.

Recommending treatment for Removing Black Magic Spells, Witchcraft Or If You Fall Prey To Evil-eye

Recommending Protection Against Black Magic and Bad Luck

Recommending treatment for Removing Curse, Voodoo, and Hexes

Diagnosing the Presence of Djinn/Jinn Around You

Recommending Treatment of Any Spiritual Problems And Mental Issues

Recommending Ruhani Ilaaj and Spiritual Help for physical and spiritual problems

Recommending spiritual solutions for Treating General Life Problems and Misunderstanding In Relationships

Providing Spiritual Solutions for Business, Love, and Relationship Problems

Understanding and resolving Family Troubles and Disunity

Recommending Rohani Ilaj/Islamic Spiritual Healing For Marriage 

Difficult Examinations, Legal Cases, and Land/Property Problems 

Recommending treatment for Treating Black Magic – Kala Jadu — and Witchcraft 

Recommending Spiritual Solution for Evil-eye/Nazar-e-Bad Problems 

Recommending Powerful Protection Against Future Spiritual Attacks

Recommending treatment for Handling Marriage & Family Issues and  Magic Spells on Husband 

Providing Spiritual Solution for Fertility Problems

Recommending Treatment for Removing Abnormal Behaviour In Adults & Children 

Checking Up for Paranormal Activity In Environment

Providing Spiritual Solution Work & Business Related Issues

Providing Spiritual Solution Health Related Issues

Providing Spiritual Solution for Frequent Headaches

Providing Spiritual Solution for On & Off Body Pains

Spiritual Solution for Heavy Body Feeling, Head, & Shoulders Pains

Providing Spiritual Solution for Sleep Disturbance

Providing Spiritual Solution for Depression & Suicide Intent

Providing Spiritual Solution for Sexual Impotency

Spiritual Solution for Slow Progress in All Aspects of Life

Providing Spiritual Solution for Breathing Issues

Providing Spiritual Solution for Lack of Socialising

Providing Spiritual Solution for Constant Sickness 

I also provide ritual and spiritual service to get an ex-lover back. However, this service comes with a condition that the person has no intent to misuse my abilities and actually wishes to marry the individual s/he wants to reunite with. Any intent and unlawful desire to exploit the power and indulge in haram relationships will automatically disqualify a person for this service.

I perform Ruqyah strictly according to the Quran and Sunnah. My spiritual powers are pure Islamic and God-given — Aetaa-ul-Allah — and so there’s no way I can use them to attain unholy, un-Islamic, or unethical objectives. 

As always, my duty is to help all humans who need spiritual support, peace, and good life.

“Service to Mankind is a Service to God” 

Reviews 2

2 reviews for In-depth Istikhara and BlackMagic, Jinn-Djinn, Demon Spirit Checkup

  1. Ali 

    I would like to leave a review for brother Wasim after contacting the brother and explain my situation he recommended me to purchase the Istikhara check-up alhamdulillah they are very knowledgeable in this field I could see from the information they gave me once completed to my surprise I had no spiritual problem over the years I have been to so many spiritual healers they have just told me that your suffering from a spiritual problem wasted so much money on treatment over the years I am in so much debt now.  Alhamdulillah Allah has answered my prayers by me finding the brother I would recommend to everyone alhamdulillah you can trust them they could have easily just said that I am suffering from a spiritual problem and just took my money like everyone else like all the other so-called spiritual healers. May Allah bless you with happiness, success, and good health for helping people in spiritual need.

    your brother in Islam Ali 

  2. Kiranjot Kaur

    My name is Kiranjot Kaur & I would like to leave a heartfelt review for my highly respected & highly valued brother-Bhai Jaan= Mohammed Wasim Ji. I have been going through a lot of trouble’s in my life recently & was searching high & low for someone honest & genuine to help me resolve my problems, as I have been cheated in the past by various con people, who call themselves-spiritual worker’s of God, but there is nothing Godly about them, apart from using the actual Godly word itself! Allah Ji guided me to our brother Mohammed Wasim Ji & this Person is something else.. In my entire 48yr old life, I have never come across someone so honest & so hardworking, I work night shift’s & brother Mohammed has been so accommodating with answering all my queries at odd times of the night=no one does that for you! He honestly states himself & his website that any spiritual work, taveez, amulet’s etc will only work if you follow the instructions given & most importantly it is in Allah Ji’s will if he decides to grace you with the desire/wish fufillment that you are seeking, he does not lie to you & make false promises, which many so called spiritual workers do! This noble & humble man look’s after you in every way he can by trying to give the best price’s with the best service to match! I trust him 100% & know I am in safe hands with him! Do give this man a go, you won’t regret it, I give guarantee on that! I had issue’s in my troubled business & troubled married life, with Allah Ji’s grace & Brother Mohammed’s hard work, these 2 urgent matter’s in my life have now been resolved! I can’t thank Allah Ji enough aswell as brother Mohammed who helped make this all possible for me! I feel so much lighter in my life now & so happy & so blessed. Allah Ji sent Brother Wasim to me as my angel, forever grateful to you for helping me in my troubled life! Client for life, won’t go anywhere else! His spiritual check is worth every penny & very accurate!

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