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The Things Spiritual Practitioners Should Know About Conjuration


Are you an aspiring spiritual practitioner who wants to perfect the spiritual art of conjuration? There’s both good news and some depressing reality.

I will proceed with the good news first: and that is, every single person has the ability to learn and practice conjuration. The art of conjuration is the art any faithful human being can achieve after going through a certain process. Keep in mind the words “faithful” and “process”. These are both the necessary conditions. One cannot achieve spiritual power without achieving unconditional faith in the power and mercy of the omnipotent and omniscient God first. Believing in Allah (S.W.T) is the first step to believe in the power of spiritual entities and occult phenomena that are beyond the grasp of ordinary humans. The realm of Djinn, Khodam, and Malaik, for example, is the realm of spiritual entities. The very fact that the process of conjuration involves a real entity who is much more powerful than what we humans are capable of is tied to our knowledge of the Islamic occult science.

Some people are of the opinion that the occult art of conjuration and other spiritual feats are not in compliance with the laws of Sharia or the teachings of the Quran. But that’s not true, given the fact that one can use one’s spiritual power in both positive and negative ways. Just like any other simple act, the burden of the consequence lies on the person doing the spiritual act. If the intention is noble, the act is also good in the sight of Allah. By the same token, if the intention is evil, the act is also evil in the sight of Allah. So we need to understand the difference and understand why something is wrong when it’s labeled as wrong in the light of Islamic laws.

Now coming back to the second part — what I consider as the dreary truth — attaining the art of conjuration is anything but easy. It involves spiritual fortifications that only the most patient and dedicated of all will have the courage and character to go through. It’s not easy and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re someone aspiring to become a spiritual practitioner and, moving beyond, to learn the spiritual art of conjuration, you had better be prepared for it — mentally, physically, psychologically, and every other way.

There are specific amaliyat, Quranic readings, spiritual chants, and prayers that need to be performed following a set of strict guidelines. These guidelines include but are not limited to your dietary routine, selection of time and place for amaliyat, strict fasting, and continuation period of specific length. Not to mention the other rules that you cannot indulge in certain activities (e.g. lawful or unlawful sexual activity) or consume certain things (e.g. pork meat and alcohol).

Anyone who is passionate about spirituality and wants to become a practitioner can reach out to me. I would be happy to help you through the process as I do help many of my other students. Contact me via email at and I’ll discuss the possibility of your spiritual journey in detail, InshAllah.

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