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Conjuration of Jinn/Khodam/Spirits: Spiritual Guidance Course

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This online course is for students and individual’s that wish to conjure an entity for themselves what are in the spiritual field also for individuals that are on their spiritual journey inshallah or anyone else that is interested in having a Djinn/jinn/khodam/Angel as a spiritual companion inshallah.




Time and again, I’m being asked if it’s possible for non-spiritual practitioners to conjure jinn or any other spiritual entity. What if someone ventured into performing amalyat and rituals that are meant for conjuring high-power entities? Will there be negative consequences? 


First of all, let me acknowledge the fact that such scenarios are true and they are getting increasingly common. What people don’t usually understand is the fact that conjuring a spiritual entity isn’t a child’s play. If that was the case, a spiritual practitioner wouldn’t have any need to spend many long years learning about the knowledge, rituals, and spiritual craft of conjuration. He might as well start conjuring these entities right off the bad if it was just a matter of experimentation, with no risks or consequences attached to it. The reality couldn’t be more different. Yes anyone can venture into the conjuration business but no one can pull out without bearing the consequences if things didn’t turn out well. 


The spiritual consequences can be very serious when you fail at conjuration. The negative forces that turn against you thus will not only try to target you but also those close to you — including your family members. It’s this reason I recommend you look at the whole matter very carefully and never take the risk of doing anything that could wreak havoc on your life. If you wish to conjure a jinn for any spiritual and experimental reason, make it a point to consult a spiritual healer who can ensure your protection. This particular course, for example, is the best way you can prepare yourself for the conjuration day. Although I’m not saying you’ll be successful in conjuring an entity, I can assure you’ll be saved from any negative consequences that might occur both before or after the process. If you’re being successful, it would be a wonderful experience for you. If you’re not, you don’t need to be disheartened and afraid that something bad will happen to you or your family now. If you follow the amalyat, rituals, and other guidelines taught in my conjuration guidance course, you’ll be shielded against all kinds of spiritual dangers, InshAllah. 


Now you may wonder how some people (that you personally know) have been able to venture into this process without getting harmed or spiritually affected. To that, I would say that you don’t base your judgment or decision on what’s rare and exceptional. If a person’s spirituality level is high and he doesn’t make any mistakes, then it’s possible he is not going to get hurt. But about ninety percent of the time, that doesn’t happen. About 90% of the time what happens are mistakes, mishandlings, and their adverse consequences. I want to keep you and your family safe with the help of this rigorous course. Then I want to help you become successful in conjuring the entity. I have mentioned this once and I’m mentioning it again that this course doesn’t guarantee you success, but it will equip you with the best techniques and rituals. And provided something happens on the conjuration day, what’s it you should do and shouldn’t do will also be covered in this spiritual guidance course, InshAllah. 


The course consists of a two-week preparation period to increase your chances of being successful in the conjuration process.  Before the conjuration, you will be doing a specific ritual for 41 days. The rituals will be based on a specific Quranic surah or one of the Al-Asma-ul-Husna ( اَلاسْمَاءُ الْحُسناى ) — the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah. These amliyat and rituals are extremely powerful and they will increase your chances of success with the conjuration/Haziri, InshAllah. Besides, you will have to observe the spiritual (Jalali and Jamali) diet for 41 days, refraining from meat products, herbs, sexual contact, and the use of coarse/filthy words in conversation.  Also, the aforementioned rituals are to be performed at a particular time in a particular place for 41 days in a row.


To protect you from any negative consequences and increase your chances of success, the teacher will also be doing the same rituals alongside you for 41 days, following the same rules and regulations as mentioned above on your behalf.  Since the stakes are going to be high, I do get my teacher involved in the process as well to make sure there is no harm done to you and your family members (both before and after the conjuration rituals). We’ll be working in the background, but it’s primarily your responsibility to follow what we instruct you to do and make sure that no mistakes are made while performing the ritual/amliyat. Our responsibility will also be to guide you through the process and correct any mistakes you may commit, increasing your overall chances of success in conjuration. We will keep a close spiritual eye on you and your family to ensure no potential threats are able to slip through. To that end, we’ll place a Hisar around your aura as well as the place where the ritual is performed. Besides, all the pre and post work will be carried out by us, ensuring you have a higher chance of success or have some spiritual gains even if you couldn’t successfully achieve the desired results. 


Conjuration is a very daunting and spiritually ambitious process. There are no guarantees you’ll be successful, though there’s nothing to stop you from trying. Yet if you want to be successful, you need to keep these two essential factors in mind: 


  • Whether all the rules and regulations are strictly followed. 
  • If the spiritual level of the conjurer is high enough to make the configuration process possible.


Finally,  I would like to mention that my teacher and I will not become a part of any black magic or demon entity ritual. If you have your own ritual, you’ll need to share that with me prior to purchasing this course. I have all the right to accept or turn down any conjuration ritual when I feel that its execution will cause more harm to you or your family than any good. So please contact me before processing this purchase from the website.  I will guide you through in the best way possible, InshAllah. 

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