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Chakra Opening Crystal Amulet
September 18, 2019
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September 18, 2019
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Spiritual Protection Crystal Ring


The Spiritual Protection Crystal Ring that we are offering will be spiritually in powered made specifically for you. We will enhance the natural abilities of the crystal 100+




The realm of spirituality is a strange realm. Although we live in a physical world, many things that happen in our lives (or to our lives) are influenced by the forces that are part of the metaphysical world. These forces exist in the form of invisible entities (such as demons, jinns, and evil spirits) and powerful metaphysical forces (such as those caused by black magic or sihir). The realm of spirituality doesn’t necessarily have to be filled with bad things. There are also positive forces and entities that help neutralize and even overpower the influence of evil forces. The job of a spiritual healer like myself is mostly concerned with understanding these occult forces and, if possible, harness them for the benefit of people. A true spiritual healer is a person who knows how to distinguish between good and bad forces and then uses the positive forces to either repel the bad ones or root them out from a particular place — and by “place” I mean a house, a human body, or any material abode an evil force chooses for itself.


The reason why I have put so much time and effort into making this powerful protection talisman is to help people speedily recover from spirituals problems that have been plaguing them for years. But I also want to mention here that not every problem with a seemingly spiritual symptom is a spiritual problem. I have seen many people suffering from medical/biological conditions (such as anxiety and depression) but who wrongly associate spiritual causes to their medical problems. When after diagnosing their situations I tell them that the nature of their problem isn’t spiritual per se, they don’t tend to believe me. They keep on saying how come they couldn’t find healing in spite of having gone through numerous treatments and using medications for many months in a row. To that quandary, I only respond that “it’s because you half-believed that the nature of your problem was spiritual and so the medication you took could never have its full effect on you.” 


I know I’m giving you a lot of contextual information that is not directly related to the spiritual item. But it is sad how many people suffer in the hands of spiritual practitioners who don’t go through the trouble of finding the root cause of spiritual problems before implementing their healing methods. No matter how experienced a person is in dealing with spiritual issues, one cannot simply proceed with a treatment unless before performing a proper spiritual diagnosis of a problem. It’s partly this reason why I decided to work on a spiritual item that provides its bearer full protection against any forms of spiritual attack. Keeping this spiritual item with you means you now don’t have to fear any spiritual attacks — whether it’s black magic, evil eye, or demon influences. What’s more, since you’ll already be sure that no problem of spiritual nature can have any influence on you, you will never feel the need to go to a spiritual healer again. You might still get some health scares, but you’ll know that those conditions have nothing to do with any spiritual problems. And so, with a decisive mind and will, you will take medications and those medications will have their positive effects on you to help you recover speedily. 


Having said that, I’m not underplaying the potential threats that always exist around a person in the form of metaphysical forces. Problems that arise from black magic, evil eye, or jinn possession are real problems. And if you feel you already have one of these problems, what I would recommend is not this crystal ring but a proper spiritual diagnosis. If, after going through the diagnosis, you really happen to have some spiritual problems of grave nature, then you will need proper treatment in the form of Ruqya. This spiritual item will not remove existing spiritual problems of grave nature. It’s a protection talisman which means it’ll shield your aura and energy from getting attacked/influenced by any potential threats in the future. 


I have chosen a crystal due to its powerful energy and energy receptivity. Crystals have been around since time immemorial and don’t need any introduction here per se. Ancient cultures have been using them for centuries due to their powerful ability to emit and absorb energy. What is more, Crystals come in different sizes, shapes, and colours. The combination of these aspects can be used to tailor the object around specific spiritual purposes – from healing physical issues (like pain, anxiety, depression) to fixing spiritual imbalances and chakra related problems. 


 The type of crystal I will choose for your spiritual protection ring will resonate with your spiritual profile, energy level, and aura. I will then imbue it with powerful amalyat and rituals drawn from the Holy Quran and Prophetic Traditions. The turnaround time for the spiritual protection crystal ring will be 21-25 days. In order to proceed with the preparation, I will need your full name, your date of birth, and your mother’s full name along with any other info you wish to share with me. You send these details via email or just drop them in the notes section of the order. 

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