Spiritual Protection Crystal Ring
Spiritual Protection Crystal Ring
September 18, 2019
Home Protection Crystal
Home Protection Crystal
September 18, 2019
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Powerful Crystal Ring For Depression & Anxiety


The Depression & Anxiety Crystal Ring that we are offering will be spiritually in powered made specifically for you. We will enhance the natural abilities of the crystal 100+




Today, I’m going to present to you something that I think is by far the most in-depend spiritual item. It makes me both happy and sad to see all those emails and requests flowing in, asking for my spiritual help in removing (or alleviating) severe depression and anxiety problems that have been plaguing their lives for a long time. It makes me happy in the sense that people are trusting me for the most personal problems that they face in life. It also makes me happy to feel that I’m able to do something about it. Nothing makes me feel better and spirituality connected than knowing the fact that my work is making a positive difference in someone’s life.


It also makes me sad because so many lives are impacted and the fact that I’m getting these requests all too frequently means that depression and anxiety aren’t very uncommon among people. While I’m able to help those who would reach out to me, it’s a sad thing to know that those who are going through crises like these but who shy away from reaching out to anyone are silently suffering. I can only feel their pains and pray that may Allah’s mercy be on them and may they recover soon. 


For those of you who are suffering from anxiety and depression and who decided to reach out to me, I would like to pre-congratulate. I trust that you are going to be helped soon and the talisman I’m preparing is going to do the job. I know it’s not practical to personally reach out to you and perform all the necessary amalyat, supplications, and quranic readings in a structured way for an extended period of time. But I also know that the alternative solution I’m providing in the form of this spiritual ring couldn’t have been more effective. It works just the same way, only that is going to make the process all the easier for you. 


Being your spiritual healer, I’m going to do the hard work and infuse in this spiritual item the power which is needed to make it effective and spiritually empowered. I can’t go on without mentioning though that I have no power over anything whatsoever. It’s Allah who makes me a healing source and who accepts my prayers and amalyat that I do with the intention to help someone needing peace and wellness in life. My heart is in the right place and, being an authentic Amil, I haven’t done anything wrong or anything going against the teachings of Islam and the Quran, Alhamdulillah. 


The crystal ring I prepare to heal people suffering from depression and anxiety is imbued with the powerful energy of Quranic verses and Islamic prayers. I follow a meticulous process of amalyat that take about 21-25 to perform. During this period, I have to maintain a strict routine when it comes to eating, drinking, and choosing a time & place for the amalyat. I wouldn’t think it necessary to get into the details though, but you may understand the sensitive nature of the process. A minute early or a minute late and you will have to start the process all over again (and from scratch) —  no matter which stage you are at or how long you have been performing it. 


The Depression and Anxiety Crystal Ring will be spiritually empowered and will be made specifically for you. What this means is that the metaphysical qualities of the ring will be compatible with your aura and energy level. 


Also, the choice of the material — crystal — is not random. Crystals have been around since time immemorial and they have been used by spiritualists since the dawn of human history — and that’s for a good reason. Allah has made some material more powerful and spiritually enabling. Aqeeq could be another example that I’m using for a number of spiritual items, including wearable talismans, amulets, and charms. Crystals, due to their spiritually retentive qualities, don’t need any introduction, especially to people who practice energy healing and reiki. Any experienced spiritual healer would tell you that crystals are the ideal raw material for talismans and amulets that are prepared to deal with issues like the following.


  • Protecting Homes from Negative Influences 
  • Cleansing Negative Energy 
  • Cleansing Aura
  • Cleansing Chakra
  • Balancing Chakra 
  • Providing Spiritual Healing 
  • Helping in Successful Meditation 
  • Opening up Chakra 
  • Providing Spiritual Protection 
  • Removing Depression and Anxiety 
  • And so on. 


Crystals emit and absorb energy, which is why they’re so popular among spiritual healers. You can say that they are beautiful but their spiritual power and energy surely outweigh any other tangible benefits one may associate with crystals.  


It’s also important to note that crystals come in different sizes, shapes, and colours and each of these factors is important as they cater to specific purposes. The shape and color of a crystal used in a spiritual ring, for example, may vary from healing physical issues to fixing spiritual imbalance, to dealing with problems of negative energy.


This spiritual crystal ring is for everyone who is suffering from depression and/or anxiety. Although it takes a bit of time to prepare (21-25 days), the benefits are well worth the wait. And the benefits are definitely well worth the investment you’ll be making for your own health and well being, InshAllah. To proceed, I will require your full name and your mother’s full name along with your picture and D.O.B. You can leave these details in the notes section of the order.

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