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September 18, 2019
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October 5, 2019
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Spiritual Crystal Ring to Remove Life Blockages


The life Blockages Crystal Ring that we are offering will be spiritually in powered made specifically for you.We will enhance the natural abilities of the crystal 100+




In my practice, I deal with all kinds of people. It’s true the no two individuals face a spiritual problem the same way. If it was true, spiritual healers could have come up with a universal cure and apply the same to every person regardless of their idiosyncrasies and spiritual contexts. The truth rather is that every person suffering from a certain spiritual problem experiences it in a unique way. The solution to the problem, therefore, should also be unique to that individual. In general, we have to analyze the spiritual profile and energy level of the person before coming up with any viable spiritual solution. 


This particular spiritual item is for those who experience spiritual blockages in life. More specifically, it’s going to help people who find it difficult to experience astral projection or go into a deeper level of meditation. Such people, when questioned why, happen to report spiritual blockage that appears above their head or around their auric sphere in the form of a dark cloud. This cloud doesn’t seem to go away, keeping them from ascending to higher levels of consciousness. Now, there are various causes and explanations as to why such a phenomenon may be true in the case of these individuals. For example, there may be some energy blockages caused by negative beliefs and toxic thoughts, affecting the spiritual channels that connect one’s personality to the higher Self. There could also be dark entities trying to negatively influence the spiritual process. In my personal experiences, I have heard people giving accounts of human spirit attachments in their head area or around their entire aura, feeling like a blob of dark energy. There’s another possibility that can’t possibly be factored out. And that is some devices or artifacts planted by demonic entities with an intention to block the person from accessing higher levels of consciousness. The person who comes under their evil scheme usually feels some occult objects (like a dark blanket, a heavy hood, or some other forms of intangible stuff) placed above their head. These devices and artifacts not only cut the person from experiencing higher levels of consciousness but also usually cause feelings of spiritual blockages in life — something that can have a detrimental effect on the quality and happiness of the person’s life. 


If you are the kind of person who constantly wonders: “I’ve come to a standstill in life”, “nothing is happening in my professional life”, “I have no clue where my life is going”, “I’m a major failure and nothing seems to be working out for me”, “My life is a drag and I see no future” and so on, then it’s an indication that you’re suffering from a blockage in life and you need spiritual healing of some sort.


If you let things happen to you and live your life the way it is, chances are that these self-critical notions and negative subconscious thoughts will spiral into negative psychological syndromes and then surface in the form of depression, anxiety, and other chronic problems (of mental and physiological nature). Being a spiritual Amil I know what it takes to eliminate energy blockages and help people get back on their normal tracks. The Spiritual Crystal Ring I prepare is one giant step in that direction. The bearer of this spiritual ring is going to feel the spiritual energy coming into effect as soon as it comes into their possession, InshAllah.


The spiritual ring will help with all aspects of blockages in life. Outlined below are a few examples:


  • Financial trouble can be removed
  • Relationships problems will be solved
  • Love life will be maintain
  • Business goals can be achieved
  • Job and careers searches will be easier
  • Negative attachments can be removed
  • Evil devices and artifacts removed
  • Negative thoughts can be eliminated
  • Blocked chakras and aura can be cleansed
  • Spiritual energy channels can be cleared
  • The chakras (and overall energy system) of the person can be balanced and anchored properly
  •  Any other forms of energy blockages can be removed


While I gave you a general description of what this spiritual ring is capable of, the one I will prepare will be tailored to your unique situation. The only way the spiritual power of the crystal ring can be tapped is by aligning the duas/amalyat/supplications with your energy level and aura. Once these amalyat and rituals have been infused into the crystal ring, they will enhance the natural ability of the ring by at least a hundred times. 


Having said that, it’s a long and spiritually strenuous process. So I will be needing 21-25 days to complete the amalyat and prepare the Ring, InshAllah. On your end, you will need to provide your full name, your mother’s full name, your picture and your D.O.B along with any other info you feel like sharing. You may leave these details in the notes section of the order. 

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