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Spiritual Crystal Ring for Luck & Good Fortune


The Luck & Good Fortune Crystal Ring that we are offering will be spiritually in powered made specifically for you. We will enhance the natural abilities of the crystal 100+




Every one of us needs a little bit of luck in life. We all have experienced times when nothing seems to be working and our lives are dragged into problems of all kinds. Bad things start to happen for no reason, relationships torn apart, opportunities speed away, and we are left with feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and disappointment. 


How is it that everything happens as if it was a part of a predetermined scheme? How and why do all the bad things happen at one time, making us feel as if we have fallen into a vicious plot set by an enemy? Has destiny taken its toll on our life?  Have we done something wrong that we deserved the punishment long before we thought we would? Is it quite natural and happens to every life on earth (and we are no exception in that sense)? Or have we messed up the little challenges life threw our way and they spiraled into a storm of problems we feel we are incapable to handle now?


Well, it’s a tricky situation indeed and there may not be a one-size-fits-all answer to the problems. In my own personal observations, I have found it to be a mix of the last two. Bad things happen and the way we handle them makes all the difference in the world. If our ability to handle spiritual or general life problems is reasonable enough, we can minimize their domino effects from influencing other areas of life. For example, imagine you are very excited about a particular job at a company that you so admire. The prospects of you being selected is also very high. Moreover, you haven’t quite figured out what it is you will do if you have been rejected. Your entire life’s plan now depends on this particular career and you cannot even imagine losing it to someone else. In the unlikely event, you get an email one afternoon, relaying to you the sour news that  “Unfortunately, we are not able to offer you a role this time. We greatly appreciate the time you invested in pursuing this opportunity.”


Now you feel your entire life’s plan is devastated. You go through emotional pains, you self-criticize, you harbour hatred for the people responsible to cause you pains, you develop anxiety and depression, and you feel as if your life went into free fall. In short, you know that you have messed up!


Should you hold yourself responsible (not so much for being unable to land the job that you loved but for your inability to handle the crisis well)? Yes, you should. Being a sensible person you should have alternative plans or at least a tendency to keep things in perspective. One success or failure should not have wreaked havoc on your life. 


Anyway, the whole point of drawing this cooked up scenario here is to indicate that the things we so easily attribute to as luck-driven can actually be caused by our sheer mistakes or our mistaken approaches to handle problems. I’m not factoring the element of luck out totally, but we need to understand that there is a possibility that, sometimes, it’s our bad approach that leads to bad consequences. 


The motivation behind preparing this Spiritual Crystal Ring (for Luck & Good Fortune) is to not only help people cultivate better luck and fortune but also to keep the ripple effect of bad luck to a minimum. In other words, even if bad luck happens, the spiritual ring should help you keep your senses and emotional organs in check. I’m confident that the powerful amalyat and rituals (drawn from the Holy Quran and Prophetic Traditions) are going to help you prevent bad luck or any uncalled-for incident caused by the forces of spiritual nature. 


To ensure that the spiritual item is going to help you in the best way possible, I choose Crystal that is considered to be the most potent material to house spiritual amalyat and rituals. Their own spiritual energy being very high crystals supplement the powerful energy I infuse into them. These amalyat will have the dual benefits of influencing your luck positively and giving you more strength and mental agility in the face of crises in life. 


The spiritual ring will help you to gain good luck in all aspects of life and it will also help you maintain emotional balances in the face of unprecedented events. Whether it’s financial income, relationship goals, love life, business or career goals, the spiritual power of the crystal ring will provide you with a cushion you need to get there. 


Due to the amount of spiritual work, the preparation of this Ring will take about 25 days. To proceed, I will be needing your full name, your mother’s full name, your picture, your date of birth, and any other info you wish to share with regard to your situation. You may leave these details in the notes section of the order. 

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