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Home Protection Crystal
September 18, 2019
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October 5, 2019
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Home Cleansing Crystal


The Home Cleansing Crystal Crystal that we are offering will be spiritually in powered made specifically for you. We will enhance the natural abilities of the crystal 100+




Our horses are our abode. They are where we spend most of our time. Just as it is necessary to clean our houses physically, it’s necessary to clean them spiritually. Our houses get dingy and cluttered spiritually the way they do materially if proper care is not taken. We brush, wipe our floors, and apply detergents to keep the physical dirt out, but hardly ever do we consider cleansing our houses for unwanted elements that are spiritual in nature. I’m not talking about their types or how they do get in just yet. I think the most important thing is for you to accept the idea that spiritual cleansing is a thing. Our bodies need spiritual cleansing at times (I have many articles and spiritual items on things like chakra cleansing, opening, balancing, etc.) and, if that is true, there is no question why our houses wouldn’t need cleansing. 


Being a spiritual Amil I know that at the very initial stage no metaphysical entity or force will venture to enter one’s body, rendering the need for spiritual cleansing unnecessary. At the initial stages, they always try to come closer and closer. The closest they can get to you is by entering your house, your room, or any place you stay in for hours. They will observe and study your movements long enough before they could start interfering with your body or senses. The purpose of this talisman is to help you drive them away at the stage where they still don’t venture to directly interfere with you or your family member. But if you brushed the problem aside and waited too long, they will eventually do what they are supposed to do: interfere and disturb the spiritual environment of your house. 


If you’re a spiritually sensitive person, there are many reasons why home cleansing should make sense. Negative energy may prevail in your houses, caused by the continued in-and-outflow of people. Not every person who visits your house embodies positive energy. Those who are affected by negativity and negative energy are going to leave some portion of the bad vibe behind. And you waited long enough, these negative pockets of bad vibes accumulate and become a major source of supplying negative energy to every corner of your house. When that happens, people who live there can’t help but go through strange kinds of experiences — from mood swings to anxiety, lack of interest, lack of happiness, pessimism, and more.


Another source of bad influence could black magic intentionally carried out by the people who envy you or who want to do you harm. In that case, the problem will surface instantaneously and you/your family members will start feeling its impact immediately. This is one is rather serious and, more often than not, it will require you to implement some spiritual methods that involve cleansing. The home cleansing crystal I’m talking about here could be one of the effective solutions. But if the severity of the problem is high, you’ll need some high-level treatments to be followed after a thorough spiritual diagnosis. 


The third important function of this talisman is to keep your house protected from any potential attacks that may occur in the future. The talisman’s powerful spiritual energy provides a spiritual fortification around your house nothing can get through — no matter how strong and spiritually potent the dark energy is. 


I leave no stone unturned to ensure that the home cleansing crystal provides powerful protection to every house it’s placed within. The very reason why I use crystal is that I know that its absorption and retention power is amazing when it comes to spiritual amalyat. Not every material is viable or spiritually potent enough to contain the high energy that goes into its making. Luckily we got crystals that have proven their spiritual metal a long time ago (and have been in use since the dawn of human history). 


All in all, it’s a complete house cleansing package. I do ensure that spiritual amalyat, supplications, and prayers (rooted in Quranic verses and prophetic traditions) that go into the making of the talisman are tailored to the energy level and spiritual aura of your house. I perform the actual work after doing some spiritual diagnosis of your situation. This allows you to get the hang of your situation better and customize the duas and amalyat to the spiritual needs of a house and the people who live within. 


The turnaround time for the spiritual home cleansing crystal talisman is 21-25 days. The talisman, once received, needs to be placed in an elevated area within your house. Make sure it’s not within the reach of children and it’s not pushed off or dropped to the ground (even mistakenly). 


To proceed, I will be needing your full name and your mother’s full name along with your picture and D.O.B. You may leave these details in the notes section of the order.

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