In-depth Istikhara and BlackMagic, Jinn-Djinn, Demon Spirit Checkup
In-depth Istikhara and BlackMagic, Jinn-Djinn, Demon Spirit Checkup
May 12, 2020
Perform Ritual/Amliyat For Any Sort of Problem
May 31, 2020
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RUQYA Treatment For Black Magic, Spells & Demon Possession

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Authentic Islamic Roohani/Spiritual Divine, Holy and Powerful RUQYA Treatment Spiritual Healing 


An extremely powerful remedy for black magic, curses, hexes, jinn, demon possession, and evil-eye. Ruqyah treatment is for people who are affected by any form of spiritual, physical, or emotional ailments. No matter what your religion or ethnic background, our Ruqyah treatment will provide a near-perfect remedy, bringing peace and roohani/spiritual harmony back in your life. 

Black Magic Expert for Spiritual Help

The level of treatment for people who are affected by evil-eye and black magic or who are possessed by Jinn/Djinn can greatly vary. We categorize these spiritual restoratives into level one and level two treatments.

The level one treatment powerfully targets black magic and evil-eye. It’s tested and proven as we have been able to successfully heal magic-struck and evil-eye affected people from all ethnic and religious backgrounds.

The level one Ruqyah treatment covers all items (including Talismans/Taweez) that are needed to root out your spiritual, emotional, and physical problems. It also helps protect you from the harmful effects of evil-eye which are not usually caused by black magic. InshaAllah, in just about 22 days we’ll have all your Ruqyah items — including Talismans/Taweez — ready to be used for treatment.

My spiritual leader has spent more than two decades harnessing the mesmerizing power of Islamic Ruqyah. People who are possessed by jinn and demons come to us and find a near-perfect remedy for their spiritual problems. Our Talismans/Taweez have the power to burn jinns and demon spirits to death if they couldn’t find a way to leave the body they possess.

If you (or your loved ones) are possessed by any kind of evil spirits, get in touch today. We’ll set your body free! 

The difference Between Level 1 and Level 2

While the level one treatment is concerned with the removal of evil-eye effects and jinn/djinn possession, it applies to cases that are not very severe in nature. The power of level two Ruqyah in spiritual healing has no match though. Once applied, the level two treatment can completely destroy the demonic power of black magic, jinn possession, and evil-eye, no matter how strong and severe the problem is. Along with the aforementioned taweez/talismans, my spiritual teacher performs rituals and invocations that are rooted in Quranic āyāt. This helps completely destroy spiritual problems arising from black magic, evil-eye, and spirit possession. The level two treatments may last up to six months depending on how severe a spiritual problem is.

Important Note: Part of the level two Ruqyah treatment requires the affected person to read specific verses from Quranic surahs. If you can’t read Arabic, we’ll provide specific names of Allah that you will need to read and practice every day.

The Ruqyah treatment is a highly challenging effort on the part of my spiritual teacher as he has to go through intractable spiritual rituals such as reciting duas and fasting countless hours in chanting. Therefore, we only take one individual at a time. Most pseudo spiritualists will try to lure as many people in as possible, without paying due attention to a single spiritual case. We don’t do that because we believe that real spiritual treatment cannot come with any greed for material benefits. Our rewards are just a token of good faith from or on behalf of individuals who suffer from spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical ailments. So we expect you to contact us once before processing any purchase requests from our site. 

A Few Rules You Must Comply with If You Decide to Go for Our Ruqyah Treatment

You cannot take the Taweez/Talisman to the bathroom or any disrespectful place.

You cannot have the Taweez/Talisman on when eating any sort of meal with pork ingredients.

You cannot have the Taweez/Talisman on when drinking beer or any sort of alcohol.

You cannot take the Taweez/Talisman to wine bars or any place where alcohol is consumed. 

You cannot have the Taweez/Talisman on when you are having any sort of sexual activity.

For females: You cannot have the Taweez/Talisman on when you are subject to menstruation.

We are black magic Healing & Removing experts and are here to assist and treat those in need of protection with the will of Allah. We are also here to help others understand the creation of Allah (swt) beyond what we are able to see in our daily lives. The treatments at Roohani Online Spiritual Help are not only geared towards Black Magic but any kind of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical problems. If you’re going through any kind of crisis in life, whether personal or business-related, we are here to help get you out and lift you up.

We perform Ruqyah strictly ассоrdіng to Qur’an and Sunnah to cure Black Magic, Evil-eye, and Jinn Possession. However, we use this spiritual power (which is pure Islamic) to the service of all humans who are in need of spiritual help.

We take it as a duty upon ourselves to serve people whо nееd peace аnd spiritual support in their lives.

“Service tо Mankind іѕ a Service tо God” 

It’s to be noted that we do not practice any kind of black magic as it’s strictly forbidden in the Islamic religion. Our practices, rituals, and articles of spiritual support (amulet and Taweez/Talisman) have Islamic roots and are based on Quranic verses.

Reviews 7

7 reviews for RUQYA Treatment For Black Magic, Spells & Demon Possession

  1. Michael

    I would just like to write a review thanking you for all your spiritual help I travel even out of my country to get help but no one could help me as I had a severe case of black magic any spiritual practitioner that try to offer treatment they would start to get attacked and stop offering me treatment as they were scared for their life and family I don’t blame them I wood do the same when all hope was lost I come across their website I spoke to the brother and he recommended me to purchase spiritual check up he informed me what the problem was and how severe it was and what treatment that they could offer I decided to purchase the level 2 ruqyah treatment as normal they started to get attacked but they did not back down and eventually they had to get their spiritual companion to attack back I was told my case was a very severe case this was the first time they use their spiritual companion for search work as it is only used for protection as they do not believe in using entities for spiritual warfare but they had no option.



    Assallaam Allaekum Sheikh,


    Thank you very much for your prayers and dua which help me feeling better and removing all of my evil eye inflicted on me. I have been a victim for so long in my life since childhood to my adulthood I never feel happy or success in anything everything was shutdown it has been for so many years I tried some of Mashaikh to help but it was only temporally and evil spirit came back all the time.

    I found your contact and decided to contact you to help me in this burden Allhamdullillah your dua and prayers work perfect as you mentioned and for the first time now I feel a new person with confident and happy in my heart all evils are gone no pain in my body no nightmares and threat in dreams you manage to cast out and remove all evils inflicted on me.

    ALLAH will increase Quobul, more knowledge, afyaah and umour AMIN please continue this work to help those who are inflicted with evils in this dunyah. ALLAH KAREEM.

    Wassallaam Allaekum

  3. Elvis

    Alhamdulillah. After more than 12 years of Jinn possession, medical problems and evil manifestation in my life, including stealing my belongings physically and spending lots of money. I had tried many so called healers yet no one was able to help me as Roohanimadad did. Some tried and said they became under attack themselves, even for some their server crashed. I was getting desperate and nearly give up
    By the grace of Allah, I found the website roohanimadad from a post where the person said the brother was difficult and very selective whom to assist. I hesitated before making contact. In fact, it was the best decision I had made. After I explained my situation and completed a checkup I was advice the best treatment that would fit me.

    Upon receiving the Taweez/Talisman I started to have headaches, nausea, burning sensation and feel heavier which I was warned before by the brother. After a week of the treatment I was feeling happy (yes feeling happy for no reason), lighter and healthy. As I am wearing the talisman every day and one night I was coming home from my evening shift around at mid night near my home, I suddenly felt cold and hot at the same time, I had goose bumps and terrified. As I called on Allah, I clearly heard in a soft, gentle voice saying “do not be afraid, WE ARE with you”. Suddenly as if by a miracle all my fear disappears and feel protected

    I have experienced the genuine work of the brother myself, he does not brag but simply says If Allah is willing. Now my problems are a thing of the past and I am now rebuilding my life. Thank you brother

    One of the best places to get rid of evil, voodoo and black magic, I strongly recommend this website



  4. omar sharif

    After 20 years of jinn possession I had tried everyone On the Internet no one was able to help me and the Healers What were Able To help me Could only help for a short while I would get Possessed Again very shortly after treatment I had given up And I went into depression

    But a friend of mine that was a student of roohanimadad Recommended me to take treatment from the brother I contacted the brother

    And explained my circumstances after completing a checkup the brother Recommended that I Take treatment within the first week of receiving treatment and receiving the Taweez/Talisman I started to have headaches, nausea, nightmares even worse then before I was very worried and I contacted the Brother alhamdulillah The brother is very knowledgeable in this field he explained to me That this is normal

    And it would last for 7 days this is a sign that the Taweez/Talisman working at full force alhamdulillah After 7 days I Did not have the headaches, nausea, nightmares The treatment lasted for a month and now alhamdulillah I have no signs of jinn possession And all the

    medical problems that I had because of the jinn possession Have gone I would like to thank the brother for all his work May Allah(swt) Increase His health And knowledge

    omar sharif

  5. Mustafa

    They have helped me many times with Taweez They are really good at removing Black Magic and Curses and I am so glad that I found there site After many years of suffering they were able to remove the black magic thanks to Allah


  6. Zeeshan Abidur Rahman

    One of the best places to get rid of evil eye & black magic,i strongly recommend this website.

    Zeeshan Abidur Rahman


  7. Qirat

    May Allah bless the means used for my cure.
    I suffered from idiopathic chronic pain for several years. Sometimes I read Al- Muawidzatain that gave me temporary relief but the pain always came back. I started looking for healing so I found this website. I have benefited from his healing in unexpected ways. The ruqya 1 treatment (for removing evil-eye) they advised me was really helpful to me. I drank spiritual water for 41 days and experienced no pain since then. Great and respectful service
    highly recommended ruqya therapy!

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