Chakra Balancing Crystal Ring
Chakra Balancing Crystal Ring
September 18, 2019
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Powerful Crystal Ring for Meditation
September 18, 2019
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Powerful Crystal Ring for Spiritual Healing


The Spiritual Healing Crystal Ring that we are offering will be spiritually in powered made specifically for you. We will enhance the natural abilities of the crystal 100+




Healing is a blanket term and I have consciously used it here. Healing is required for spiritual problems, physical problems, psychological problems, and mental problems. The form of treatments could be different for different problems but they all come in the category of healing. 


This crystal is very unique in that it’s not only concerned with problems of a specific nature. If you are someone who is conversant with my website, you know that most of the spiritual solutions I provide (in the form ruqya or spiritual items) are very specific in nature. If I’m offering a talisman, for example, I am offering it to address the problem of a very specific nature that a person is going through. Hardly ever do I come up with a spiritual item that has the spiritual merits of more than one talisman. And still hardly ever do I prepare an all-in-one type of spiritual item that provides cure to all kinds of spiritual problems. 


This is your lucky day as you have stumbled upon something that does exactly that. The crystal ring I’m talking about here is spiritually empowered to provide healing for all kinds of problems (whether they are physical, spiritual, mental, or psychological). 


I have been talking about the problems that we, the spiritual healers, face when we intend to work on such an item. We know there’s no comparison when it comes to their value for users, but the kind of process we have to go through to prepare a general-purpose healing item is anything but easy. The kind of amalyat and rituals performed are not only spiritually daunting but they require strict spiritual, dietary, and fasting routines that span over many weeks. Because of these Jalali and Jamali rituals, most spiritual practitioners usually shy away from preparing talismans that intend to serve a variety of purposes. The one I’m presenting here has been in the making for a long time. The idea surfaced when my spiritual teacher and myself were having an intimate discussion on spiritual healing cases that were impossible to be cured by a single spiritual method or roohani item. It was only natural that we thought we should start working on a spiritual item that has all the necessary amalyat, supplications, and rituals to cure spiritual problems of every type. My spiritual teacher has over three decades of experience in the spiritual realm and he has helped hundreds of thousands of people heal and fully recover from all kinds of ailments. I’m indebted to him for his generous sharing of knowledge and wisdom in helping me prepare this spiritual item that I truly feel is a gift to humanity. 


We mulled over a number of things, among them the type of material the talisman was to be housed in. Among a number of different choices, we thought it best to pick crystals. Both my teacher and I know that crystals aren’t some new spiritual tools and they hardly need any introduction to the spiritual world (especially to practitioners who perform reiki and energy healing).  Because crystals have the unique power to absorb, retain, and emit energy, they are the most preferred material among experienced spiritual practitioners. 


My teacher and I also thought about the method this spiritual item was to be used: should it be used as a wearable talisman or amulet or should it a stationery item to be kept in a safe place. We found the qualities of a wearable spiritual item (such as a ring) more appealing compared to all the rest of the options. Besides these factors, we also hashed out the details that concern the different sizes, shapes, and colours of the Crystal. From decades of experience, we know that these things matter and they should be well aligned with the aura and spiritual energy of the person wearing the talisman/ring. 


Accordingly, we prepared a talisman that is complete and spiritually powerful in every respect. The bearer of this spiritual ring doesn’t need to perform any additional amalyat or rituals (as most of the spiritual items from other practitioners would require). All you need is to get the taweez and ensure that its respect and sanctity are not compromised. What I mean by this is that you cannot take this spiritual item into bathrooms or any disrespectful place. If you are a non-Muslim, you’re not allowed to consume alcohol or eat pork while you have the ring on. You’re also not allowed to wear the ring while engaging in any sexual activity (even if lawful). And if you’re a woman, you are expected to not wear the ring while you are on your monthly/menstruation cycle. These rules are to ensure that the sanctity of your talisman isn’t compromised and you keep benefiting from its spiritual energy over the long haul. 


Since it’s a general-purpose spiritual healing crystal ring, the turnaround time is going to take longer than usual. After you have provided all the necessary detail, I will proceed with the preparation and will complete the process in 21-25 days, InshAllah. To proceed, I will be needing your full name, your picture, date of birth, and your mother’s full name along with any other info you feel like sharing. You may leave these details in the notes section of the order. 

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