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250 Years Old Spiritual Keris — Backed by Powerful Jinn/Khodam

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Many of you may already be familiar with Keris — aka Kris — and with the concept of their existence. Still, I think it necessary to provide a short context around what a keris is, where it originated from, what it’s made for, and its importance in the realm of spirituality. 


The origin of Keris is Indonesia. This country is where this item has been produced for centuries. It’s used both as a weapon and a source of spiritual power. Embedded in the centuries-long culture, rituals, ceremonies, and religious conventions of the Malay archipelago — encompassing Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Southern Philippines, Brunei, and Southern Thailand — Keris is the most common artifact and a cultural masterpiece of Indonesia. 


Although asymmetrical in shape, its design closely resembles a dagger. The object is divided into three parts: its blad, its hilt, and its sheath. Each part is crafted in a meticulously detailed manner, giving Keris a physical shape that’s unique and carries an aesthetic value. The blad, for example, follows a wavy pattern in the case of most Keris (though some may come in straight shape). Close to the hilt/handle, the blade is wide but as it goes towards the tip, it becomes very thin and pointy. The choice of material to produce Keris may also vary. Some are made up of metals, others of ivory or gold, still others are of rare types of woods. The aesthetic value of a Keris is reflected in the way it’s designed and the material it’s made up of. However, the real value comes in the form of the metaphysical power that Keris are associated with. In what follows, I’ll talk about this aspect in a fairly elaborate manner. 


In the old days, people used to keep Keris in their arsenal of tools as a weapon and as an object of spiritual value. In the modern days, however, the former type of use case is gradually going obsolete, leaving Keris with a singular object of providing spiritual help. And sure enough, it does live up to its expectations. One reason why this is possible is because of the inherent quality of Keris to hold metaphysical qualities. Another major reason is its ability to receive spiritual power from external sources, such as from Jinns and Khodams or through spiritual amalyat. 


Nevertheless, there is some confusion surrounding the spiritual myths of Keris. Some people believe that a Kris’ aesthetic value or personality is directly related to its metaphysical power: i.e. the more beautiful the item, the more powerful it tends to be. But this impression couldn’t be further from the truth. Any spiritual adept whose knowledge traverses these objects of spiritual value can tell you that the outer look of Keris isn’t so much a factor as people tend to believe. It’s the invisible qualities that go into its making — through a certain process — that make it all the more valuable and spiritually charged. 


Being a spiritual practitioner for more than a decade, I have had very close experiences with Keris and other items of spiritual nature. I have friends in Indonesia — who are also spiritual practitioners — to have regular access to Keris that were made hundreds of years ago using the best rituals and spiritual practices of the time. I own many of them  — the one listed here is 250 years old — and have tested their strengths both with and without the infusion of additional spiritual aid. In almost all cases, I found the ones accompanying the metaphysical power infused into them by my teacher far more effective than those lacking this power. This is true in virtually every case, no matter how old or beautifully crafted a Keris happens to be. 


This creates an interesting scenario. Those who are looking to own a Keris that should be imbued with metaphysical power now badly need the assistance of a spiritual adept. And, in almost 80% of the times, the maker of the Keris isn’t both a spiritual practitioner and a Karis craftsman. Luckily, I meet both the criteria. And luckily still, I have access to these oldest Keris in Indonesia that are so rare and spiritually receptive that you won’t find them anywhere else (on or off the internet). What’s more, when you order a Keris from me, I enquire about your specific needs and ensure that the spiritual items are supplemented with the amalyat and prayers necessary to help you achieve your goals. 


These goals may include but are not limited to the following: 


  • Charisma
  • Spiritual protection
  • Authority and influence
  • Respect in society
  • Good luck
  • Spiritual power 
  • Positive energy/aura
  • Family harmony
  • Success in business and personal life 
  • Home protection (from invisible/magic influences)
  • And more. 


As per my own awareness and dealing with various people requiring spiritual help, Keris are usually owned by spiritual practitioners, amils, politicians, business owners, soldiers, celebrities, and individuals who work and deal with other people in the daily course of life. 


What information do I need from you?

As discussed, a Keris with real spiritual powers is more than just a Keris, and its preparation requires various kinds of amalyat and rituals that are performed over a period extending from 14-90 days (depending on the spiritual need). The greater the number of days, the more intense and jalali the rituals. 


I will need your full name, your picture, and your mother’s full name to prepare the Keris for you. I would also expect you to mention the reason you need the Keris and what specific objectives you want to achieve with it. 

Please also note that the Keris you see in the picture may not be the same item you’ll receive from me. The size, shape, and type of your Keris need to be tailored to your specific situation and so the Keris will be determined once I receive the required information from your end. 

Please understand, regardless of how amazing and Powerful this Spiritual item is Alhamdulillah Do not think by having this Spiritual item all problems you have will be quickly fixed, This Spiritual item is a powerful means to assist you if Allah Subhana Wa’Tala wills. Lastly and most importantly, If Allah Subhana Wa’Tala does not will for something to happen, then nothing in this world or any other can make it happen.

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1 review for 250 Years Old Spiritual Keris — Backed by Powerful Jinn/Khodam

  1. Abdul Wahab

    Alhamdulillah it truly is a great blessing to be able to have access to incredible and rare items such as this. Having an item like this brings something very special to your life. As soon as I received my keris – which was spiritually prepared for me personally I felt the energy of it as soon as it entered my home. I feel very blessed to possess such an item and the keris its self is a beautifully crafted item. Would highly recommend for those looking for some thing rare and genuine.

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