• 250 Years Old Spiritual Keris — Backed by Powerful Jinn/Khodam

                  Many of you may already be familiar with Keris — aka Kris — and with the concept of their existence. Still, I think it necessary to provide a short context around what a keris is, where it originated from, what it’s made for, and its importance in the realm of spirituality.    The origin of Keris is Indonesia. This country is where this item has been produced for centuries. It’s used both as a weapon and a source of spiritual power. Embedded in the centuries-long culture, rituals, ceremonies, and religious conventions of the Malay archipelago — encompassing Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Southern Philippines, Brunei, and Southern Thailand — Keris is the most common artifact and a cultural masterpiece of Indonesia.    Although asymmetrical in shape, its design closely resembles a dagger. The object is divided into three parts: its blad, its hilt, and its […]

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