250 Years old Powerful Spiritual KERIS Attached With Powerful Jinn/Khodam
250 Years Old Spiritual Keris — Backed by Powerful Jinn/Khodam
December 1, 2020
Divine, Holy and Powerful Spiritual Attack Reversal/Prevent Ring
Powerful Spiritual Attack Reversal Ring
December 1, 2020
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llmu Kebal Magical Stone Ring/Amulet to Provide Immunity Against Dangers

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Before I proceed to explain the benefits of ilmu kebal stone ring, I would like to give a quick rundown on what ilmu Kebal is, what its forms are, and how it’s achieved. I will then go on to explain how the ilmu kebal stone ring I prepare can help you achieve a synonymously powerful preventive strength. 

ilmu Kebal (knowledge of protection) refers to the ability of a person to hold his body from being broken or harmed by weapons and ammunition. It is a deeply immersed art amongst practitioners in the Malay archipelago in general ( and Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines in particular). Essentially, ilmu Kebal is a form of magic that can protect you from any kinds of external harms, including harms that can be caused by weapons. The use of this magic is most popular in Indonesia, but its practitioners are also found across many other regions, including China, Africa, and some European and Asian countries. 

In general, the attainment of ilmu Kebal is achieved in two ways: 1. Through physical fortification and incessant practice. 2. Through the use of a spiritual item that makes the wearer immune to dangers.

For those who try to attain it by undergoing physical practices, the price isn’t very easy to pay. One may need to go through hermitage, strange diets/eating disciplines, and physical anguish. The second method is easier as it only requires one to wear or carry around a talisman/amulet that is imbued with magical power. In the latter case, however, the presence of strong faith and fulfillment of certain amalyat/ritual becomes necessary. 

Most Popular Forms of Ilmu Kebal

Rawa Rontek: Considered to be one of the most powerful forms of Ilmu Kebal, Rawa Rontek can activate some serious black magic achieved in three levels: 

Level 1: People have different layers of the aura. So in the first level of Rawa Rontek, the aura of a person is protected by powerful invisible entities in about seven layers. This makes it all the more difficult for anything to penetrate the body of this person, no matter how sharp a weapon is. Allah knows best, but the literature around this subject says that a person protected under level one won’t get hurt even if you stab him a hundred times with a dagger. 

Level 2: This level involves the entities penetrating the aura as well as the various layers of the human skin to provide stronger protection. It’s believed that one cannot cause any harm to the person protected by level two Rowa Rontek even if one fires a gunshot at him. Again Allah knows best. 

Level 3: This is the highest level of Rawa Rontek and it’s also the hardest to achieve. The knowledge of this level, according to real practitioners, takes many years to attain. But once it’s attained, the entities now traverse beyond the 7 layers of a person’s aura, beyond the many layers of human skin, and still beyond the outer organs of the person. They penetrate the entirety of the body, the cells and, in some cases, the veins that run through the person’s body. This makes it impossible to harm the person, let alone kill him. Such a person, if he is hit by something or pushed to the ground, shakes off and rejuvenates in a matter of seconds. If you cut off this person’s limbs or other parts of the body, the cut-out parts would rise, crawl through, and slowly make their way back to the original source. The only way, they say, to kill such a person would be to chop off the head and bury the body and the head separately and at a distance. والله أعلم‏ — Allah knows best. 


Sukuk is also considered to be one of the key forms of Ilmu Kebal. It’s primarily used to boost one’s personality and involves embedding byte size of diamonds (or other forms of substances of ornamental value) in a person’s face. The use of such material under the skin has both symbolic and functional value. The goal is to make the personal countenance glow as brightly as the object itself (metaphorically speaking). It’s to be noted here that Susuk cannot usually be achieved without using black magic or without the help of some dark entities.


This method involves swallowing small metal balls while the spiritual practitioners read specific mantras. Sometimes, the metal or steel balls can also be implanted in the body of the person seeking immunity against various weapons. It’s believed that the metal ball turns into sheets of strong repellent, making any external attack impossible to penetrate the body. Some Gotri practitioners are of the opinion that the balls gain momentum as soon as the threat of an external attack approaches and then they roll down to the exact part of the body which is about to be hit. The attack fails as the balls spread out, making a strong fortification in the area which is under target. Allah knows best. 

Raja Mantra

Raja Mantra requires some form of carving or writing specific mantras on specific parts of the body. The process is meticulous and it also requires an in-depth spiritual knowledge of the craft. We see body carving or paintings in excessive amounts everywhere (particularly in Thailand and other parts of the western world), but Raja Mantra isn’t just about the form, carving, or writing. It’s more about the inherent knowledge and rituals that go along with the art. It’s this reason why I believe that the majority of the Raja Mantra experts are pseudo practitioners. The real ones are really hard to find. It’s to be noted that the carvings, writing, and symbol created under Raja Mantra aren’t just any marking or cluster of words. Rather, these carvings, shapes, and words are specifically chosen according to the aura, spiritual energy, and the specific needs of the person who aspires to get Raja Mantra. 

Magical Stone

I have first-hand knowledge of this method. In fact, I practice it myself and apply it to situations where my students or people seeking immunity against external dangers require them. In essence, the magical stones are either extracted from sources that have ilmu kebal properties or they are prepared following a specific practice of Quranic readings, rituals, and amalyat. There’s one strict condition that needs to be kept in mind by those wishing to have ilmu Kebal magical stone: that they cannot purposely hurt themself (or self torture) and they cannot exhibit their spiritual item’s metal/strength in a public showing to gain popularity. The magic stone only works during serious emergencies, ensuring that your body is protected from kinds of harms. InshaAllah. 

What info you’ll need to provide. 

Your full name and mother’s full name and picture. The turnaround time may take up to 90 days as the process requires specific rituals, preparations, and regular amalyat that need to be carried out over an extended period of time to render the spiritual object highly effective. 

Please understand, regardless of how amazing and Powerful this Spiritual item is Alhamdulillah, This Spiritual item is a powerful means to assist you if Allah Subhana Wa’Tala wills. Lastly and most importantly, If Allah Subhana Wa’Tala does not will for something to happen, then nothing in this world or any other can make it happen.

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