Black Magic: Effects and Cure
December 12, 2020
What are the different types of possession (by Jinn, demon, and evil entities)?
December 24, 2020
Black Magic: Effects and Cure
December 12, 2020
What are the different types of possession (by Jinn, demon, and evil entities)?
December 24, 2020
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What is Remote Spiritual Healing?

Remote SPiritual Healing- Roohani Online Spiritual Help

Remote spiritual healing is the practice of healing people at a distance. The spiritual healer performs amalyat, rituals, and other rites but the physical appearance of the person who needs treatment isn’t needed

To understand what distant healing is you will have to understand what such a healing method may consist of. I will try to shed light on what types of problems can be effectively handled with remote spiritual healing.

When we talk about remote healing, it’s mainly related to the domain of spiritual healers. You wouldn’t have a doctor treat some physical symptoms sitting in some distant corner of the world. At best, they can listen to your problems and provide suggestions. But, as such, they won’t be able to implement a healing procedure to help you recover from the problem. They have their devices, medical checkups, and all kinds of tests to get to the bottom of the physical problem. These are the key reasons why they wouldn’t be in any position to provide help with surety.

Spiritual healers, on the other hand, don’t need to be around for them to diagnose and heal problems of spiritual kinds. In the metaphysical reality, the concept of time and space has no meaning. There are no spaces and time-bound rules for metaphysical/spiritual forces to kick into effects. It’s this reason why spiritual healing works without the physical presence of the healer. There are specific types of amalyat and rituals that are performed to both diagnose and spiritually cure a problem, no matter who you’re, where you live, what the intensity of your ailment appears to be.

One key hurdle people often face in overcoming their spiritual problems is failing to understand that such a problem exists in the first place. One of the basic teachings of remote spiritual healing is that humans are more than their physical bodies. They also have some metaphysical realities made up of energy pathways, energy centers, and energy fields. In the spiritual context, these energy sources are called meridians, chakras, and aura respectively. Just as our physical needs food to nourish its growth and provide it with energy, our spiritual reality (energy body) also needs something to feed on. The channel this spiritual body uses to take in the food is through the aura (that takes energy in), the chakras (that break this energy down), and the meridians (that administer and spread it throughout the body).

In the physical world, we may only be concerned about our physical bodies. But as we venture beyond and step in the world of spirituality, various levels of energy surround our physical body, vibrating at different speeds. All of these energy layers are part of our spiritual ecosystem. The frequency and speed at which our physical body, our emotions, our thoughts, and spiritual center vibrate vary from one person to another. When these varying energy pulsations and vibrations come together, they create an energy field called the aura. Essentially, the aura is one’s information center and the medium that allows one’s spiritual system to communicate with the outside world and transmit/receive messages. Not visible to our naked eyes, our energy layer is comprised of various levels of fields: the physical field (associated with the energy replication of our physical body), the mental field (associated with thoughts and mental processes), the emotional field (associated with our feelings), and the spiritual field (associated our higher-self and spiritual dimensions). In the spiritual domain, these fields are also called our four levels of being.

I felt the need to give my readers a rundown on how things work in the spiritual realm. Nothing can be more naive than to think that our lives are only driven by the physical bodies and what we should concern ourselves with are the physical problems only. What drives our inner world (and our system as a whole) are the spiritual factors that we are not able to notice. It takes an experienced spiritual practitioner/amil to diagnose and heal problems that are spiritual in nature. Spiritual healing is a wonderful way we can tackle many problems in life, from eliminating mental worries to reducing anxiety to healing pains that are caused by one’s emotions. It’s also a wonderful way we can open our energy channels and release blocked energy that serves no positive purpose in life. In many cases, the spiritual healing method can also become highly effective for medical ailments and stress caused by real-life problems.

Now there are a few things I would like you to understand. First of all, the effectiveness of a spiritual healing method doesn’t so much depend on whether the spiritual healer is physically present or not. The effectiveness depends on the knowledge, experience, and spiritual level of the practitioner doing the treatment. Secondly, the impact of any spiritual healing cannot usually be dramatic. Healing takes time and spiritual healing is no exception. To give you a simple analogy, when someone falls off a place and fractures one’s bone, the immediate thing that person does is consult a doctor. The doctor works out the necessary procedures and asks him to follow certain instructions for a prescribed period of time. The fractured part of the bone doesn’t heal right after the doctor completes the procedure. It takes time and you understand the process. The same is true in the case of spiritual healing. The spiritual healer performing the treatment is a must for healing to start. But once the treatment is done, it’s a matter of time now.

There is another thing that people don’t often understand, and that is: spiritual healing requires spiritual efforts both on the part of the patient and the spiritual healer. Healing cannot take place if the spiritual healer is doing his duty but the patient is not able to follow instructions or do the needful when it comes to amalyat, rituals, and supplications. If you want to heal any sort of problems in life, you can go to a spiritual healer (such as myself), but then also commit yourself to the process. Don’t carry unrealistic expectations and be willing to do the work which will be required of you.

When you take care of these things, then your chances of success will be very high and all your spiritual problems will go away after some time, InshAllah.

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