Can you discuss jinn/djinn and demon from an Islamic context?
December 25, 2020
How to Keep Djinns and Demons in Perspective?
December 25, 2020
Can you discuss jinn/djinn and demon from an Islamic context?
December 25, 2020
How to Keep Djinns and Demons in Perspective?
December 25, 2020
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What Does The World of the Djinns and Demons Look Like?

Djinn and their world

This is such an interesting subject and there’s a shipload of material on the internet — most of it fake. The world of the Djinn and Demon is a world very few have access to. It’s not a Disney Land you can buy a ticket for and choose to visit as and when you wish.

Those who talk about the djinn universe often come up with cock and bull stories, try to make things interesting and boast as if they know everything. Whenever someone tries to lure you in, what you can do is look at the person’s history: how long have they been practicing spirituality? What’s their knowledge level in the djinn universe? How sensible are their descriptions and the stories they attach to the djinn world? In short, you should get the hang of what their spiritual profiles look like (at least, on the surface of things).

I don’t claim to be a spiritualist who knows everything about the Djinn universe, but I’m fortunate enough to work under the stewardship of a teacher who does. Now, when we talk about the Djinn universe, there are two essential criteria one can depend on to get a sneak peek into their mysterious world: one, you visit their world and see everything with your own eyes (in a conscious state). Two, you get the information from a teacher whom you fully trust and who has first-hand knowledge of the world. Other than these criteria, there can’t be a third or a fourth one.

One may say I saw a lucid dream where I visited the Djinn world and everything is as fresh as a daisy, including the interior and exterior of their homes/dwelling. But that’s not enough and that cannot be a criterion we can depend on to base our knowledge or beliefs upon.

If that’s clear enough, let me move on to the actual subject of the day: what does the world of djinns and demons look like?

Well, they look nothing like our world. To wrap your head around the djinn world, you’ll need to forget every preconceived notion associated with the world of humans. We have our homes, places, condominiums, beautifully designed architectures, landscapes, roads, and pavements; we have our vehicles, computers, smart devices, articles of decorations, parks, museums, sports fields, and places designed to serve various other purposes. What about djinns? They have nothing in store vis-à-vis to the stuff we fill our world with. Why? They don’t need them. Why would a djinn keep a device like a smartphone when they can telepathize with another jinn living in another part of the world faster than our smart device can? Similarly, why would a djinn feel the need to own a car (or a helicopter for that matter) when they can travel at the speed of light? They don’t need these things which only stand as proof that the intrinsic capabilities of humans are very limited.

What’s more, I don’t feel the need to stand long, vast, beautiful architecture. They don’t like delicate, beautifully decorated, and comfy dwellings for home. They like it rough and natural. Their homes are caves and holes in mountainsides, the deep chasms and gapes in abandoned valleys, undersea rocks, and shrubby ocean beds. The inside of their homes is barren and the outside is just as raw and unfurnished as it could get. No chairs, tables, beds, fridges, and television sets; no electricity, chandeliers, and articles of decoration. Jinns prefer to sleep on the ground with no rugs, carpet, or covering of any kind underneath. Trees and ponds and forests and uncultivated lands/heaths are also their typical dwellings. In many respects, they are completely different from what we, as humans, experience in our lives.

But that never means there are no commonalities. Many things we humans experience are also experienced by djinns. We have emotions, intelligence, spirituality, and a sense of right and wrong — so do have djinns. In fact, the very purpose behind the creation of mankind and jinns happens to be the same. In the Quran Allah says:

“And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.” [Surah Al-Dhariyat: Verse 56]

Since we have been given the dignity of choice and we are free to choose between right and wrong, the whole concept of heaven and hell is built around us. In other words, whether it’s jinn or mankind, if they did good their reward will be Jannah. But if they did wrong and spread evil, their punishment will be the fire of hell.

“Except whom your Lord has given mercy, and for that He created them. But the word of your Lord is to be fulfilled that I will surely fill Hell with jinn and men all together.” [32:13]

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