Ruqya Treatment: The Most Effective Spiritual Healing Method
September 4, 2020
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September 12, 2020
Ruqya Treatment: The Most Effective Spiritual Healing Method
September 4, 2020
Black Magic Symptoms: A Definitive List
September 12, 2020
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The Most Powerful Talisman For Love and Attraction

Talisman for Love and Attraction

Love is the music of life. Those who are in love know what it’s like to live with passion, happiness, and joyful emotions. 

Don’t get me wrong though, by being in love I don’t just mean two individuals looking at each other and experiencing a rush of emotion for the first time. Love can be a continuous phenomenon and can exist between two partners for as long as they are in a happy relationship.  

If love is the music of life, the lack thereof is — you guessed it right — the sad psalm of life. No one wants to live alone, in hatred, or in a constant desire for love. But finding true love could be a tiresome journey for many people. Some times, you keep on waiting for it to happen; other times, you become almost heartbroken at the impossibility of finding the love of your life; still other times, you may not even feel that you’re living a dull, unloved life. All of these are conditions that all of you want to avoid as much as possible. Unfortunately, either you don’t have the spiritual power to make things happen (by bending the course of your destiny) or you are not willing to do something practical in your pursuit to find and nourish true love. These are some of the reasons that motivate most people to consult spiritual practitioners who, with the help of occult forces, perform amliyat, magic, or other forms of rituals to get the job done.  

At Roohani Online Spiritual Help, we have a powerful talismanic approach to helping people attain and nourish love in their lives. We are very particular about certain rules when it comes to putting our spiritual forces to work for someone. Among them, we care about the following in the strictest sense: 

  • That the relationship or love we are asked to strengthen is legal and not in conflict with the Islamic laws
  • That the intention is noble and meant to stick around for life
  • That the person whose love you want to attract is not already in a lawful and happy relationship with someone else
  • That we are not being provided with any misinformation with respect to the relationship we are asked to prepare the love talisman for. 

If the above conditions are met, we go ahead and start the meticulous process of putting together what we call your “spiritual metadata”, that the celestial configurations and planetary influences under which the talismanic rituals are determined and performed. The inscriptions we use, the rituals/amliyat we perform, and the spiritual fortifications we go through to create a love talisman are of a high degree. We, in turn, expect you to respect the spiritual object and keep it with you all the time — with faith and extreme care. If you did, InshaAllah, you’ll find what you’re after very soon. 

Our own process may be very tidy and spiritually-challenging, but you don’t have to go through any herculean process yourself. All you are requested is to provide us with some basic information with regard to who you are and who you want to build this relationship with. As well as your date of birth, your mother name, the name (and mother’s name) of the person whose love you want to attain. That’s about it and we’ll be on our way to start preparing your custom love talisman. InshaAllah. 

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