Ruqya Treatment: The Most Potent Spiritual Healing Method
November 20, 2020
Ruqyah Treatment and How it Works
December 3, 2020
Ruqya Treatment: The Most Potent Spiritual Healing Method
November 20, 2020
Ruqyah Treatment and How it Works
December 3, 2020
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Spiritual Crystals and Why You Should Get One


Crystals have been carved out of the earth, discovered in mountains, and in snowflakes, since the beginning of time; they not only look attractive but they are also used in many cleansing and healing purposes.

Spiritual healers all over the world use these crystals to rid people of their worries, fear and anxiety. Centuries ago, crystals were used to decorate homes, beautify bodies, make different ornaments and to cleanse any place by situating a specific crystal at a certain position.

These crystals have been used as healing stones since the middle ages. Spiritual crystals, if used right, can work like magic. 

Each problem and spiritual aura needs a specific kind of crystal. Unless you are an amil yourself, you can’t designate one for yourself or anyone else. Here’s where I take the spotlight. All you need to do is get in touch with me and share your personal feelings and you’ll find me always ready to help. 

Why Spiritual Crystals are Suited for You

Although science has advanced and evolved in many ways — from our social lives to our homes and our personal needs — many things in our lives are still spiritually driven. But as our lives become easier, our sorrows also increase in proportion (this is a known fact). We find ourselves tired and frustrated, we complain, we worry, and then we become anxious, angry and desperate for relief. 

I’m sure you have been through this, you have been through the worst stages of life where you thought I won’t make it to the end’, but God has created many ways for your ease through it all. He created this world, this universe around you; not to make it your prison but to teach you humility. All you need to do is get through it with gratitude and patience.

Allah guides us in the Quran with,

“So, surely with hardship comes ease.” Quran. 94:6

Nobody can guarantee this ease except Allah. I’m an experienced amil and am here to help you get through the difficult time — as much as what is in my spiritual capacity.

Why You Should Need a Spiritual Crystal

Each crystal is unique in its nature. There are hundreds of crystals that are worthless for healing purposes but they do have their own aesthetic value. Just like that, there are crystals that may not seem as pleasing to the eyes as they are effective at serving certain spiritual goals.

A unique crystal that is tailored to your personal needs and spiritual energy level is going to work wonders. As a crystal cannot have the necessary spiritual qualities on its own, it takes an amil (like myself) to enhance the natural capabilities of that crystal and make it all the more powerful and spiritually empowered.

Crystal amulets/talismans are prepared to serve different purposes. You may either wear it as a ring, keep it in your room, wear it as a necklace or just carry it in your pocket. It will, by the will of God, absorb your fears, anxieties, worries, and elevate your mood and feelings, InshaAllah.  

Spiritual crystals have different uses and they are prepared to help people achieve different spiritual goals such as the following: 

  • Home Protection 
  • Home Cleansing  
  • Aura Cleansing 
  • Chakra Cleansing 
  • Chakra Balancing 
  • Spiritual Healing 
  • Success in Meditation 
  • Opening up Chakra 
  • Spiritual Protection 
  • Eliminating Depression and Anxiety

And for many other problems that are spiritual in nature. 

I hope I covered all the details with respect to the spiritual crystal and how it’s prepared. And I also hope that you’ll put your trust in me and feel free to share your spiritual problems. Providing spiritual healing is my mission and I would do everything at my disposal to help you get recovered from the spiritual problems you have been suffering from, InshaAllah. 

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