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Ruqya Treatment: The Most Potent Spiritual Healing Method

Ruqya Treatment Method

I’m a spiritual healer. I do all sorts of healing, from amalyat to talismans to ruqya and more. If you’re someone who is conversant with my website, you’ll have an idea that my spiritual services are quite diverse, Alhamdulillah. 

Unlike most spiritual practitioners out there, I don’t serve people in one narrow area. Yet I’m proud to say that among all the services I provide my ruqya treatment service is by far the most effective and popular service. Being an authentic Amil, I have learned the Islamic occult art from my teacher who is one of those few Amils with an in-depth (and nearly perfect) understanding of everything spiritual. His experience spans over 35 years and I’ve been quite fortunate to hone my own spiritual healing skills and learn the Islamic occult art under his direct supervision and kind stewardship.

My treatments are pure Islamic and I refrain from doing anything that does not comply with the sharia laws or Quranic teachings. For example, I don’t provide black magic services and I don’t encourage anyone to indulge in these kinds of unIslamic practices. If any brother and sister out there requires my help in removing the effect of black magic, I do everything in my spiritual power to help them recover from this grievous menace.

Ruqya treatment is one of the most effective forms of Islamic spiritual treatment that can be performed on people who are possessed by demon spirits or affected by black magic and evil eye. It’s the only form of spiritual treatment (at least in my experience) that has the spiritual potential to not only withstand the looming danger but to eradicate it from its root. Sure, the process is complex and it requires commitment, dedication, and discipline, both from the end of the spiritual healer and the patient. It involves amalyat, rituals, Quranic reading, chants, and Islamic prayers that need to be performed in a meticulous manner, following a strict set of rules. There are rules of fasting, diet, place and time of amalyat, and other rituals that must be adhered to as long as the ruqya treatment period isn’t complete.

In general, I don’t start executing the treatment right off the bat. The very first step of the Ruqya is a spiritual diagnosis. The diagnosis helps me find if a spiritual problem actually exists. And if it does, what its nature is and how serious a problem it is. After the diagnosis, I determine the level of ruqya that needs to be executed. If the nature of the spiritual problem is very severe, I recommend the patient the second level that deals with Djinn possessions and demon spirits. But if the nature of the problem is light, I go about executing Level one treatment where I spiritually cure any bad influences, negative energy, and evil-eye problems that are adversely affecting the individual.

Every spiritual problem is unique in nature and I can’t describe what may relate to your specific situation. Fortunately, I’m willing to listen to people’s problems prior to them processing a formal request. So feel free to reach out to me via my website’s contact page and I’ll guide you through the process.

Thanks and May Allah (SWT) bless you all! 

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