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One-Month Khafi / Third-Eye Opening Sufi Course

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The Third-Eye — aka Khafi —  is a natural part of every person but it’s a “meta” organ. Which means it consists of all the senses and mind working together as a larger and more powerful sensory organ. An amazing gift from Allah, third-eye is used to connect with the spiritual world and then send information back to your spiritual senses.


The Third-Eye, also known as Khafi in Sufi terminology, is a meta organ that exists within every human being. Third-eye consists of all the senses and mind working together as a large and more cohesive sensory organ. Once opened, its ability comes to the surface, leaving some heavy responsibility on the shoulders of its bearer. The power of third-eye being very Jalali, it can cause spiritual troubles if not understood or handled well. This is where your spiritual teacher comes in with the proper knowledge and tools to help you gain and utilize this power safely. 


When you set out on a journey to gain the Third Eye, you may start getting spiritual problems in the form of negative energies and psychic attacks caused by metaphysical entities. I feel obliged to mention all these as I have been receiving regular emails pertaining to third-eye and the issues connecting with it. More often than not, it takes months to solve these problems (that arise when a person tries to open the Third Eye without guidance and protection) and get things back on their normal tracks. The method used to gain the Third Eye is yet another factor. Some methods are quite reckless (spiritually speaking) and you can save yourself a lot of trouble if you know what the right methods are and how to use them. 


The Third Eye/Khafi is a spiritual ability that can be used in a variety of ways. In general, it opens up our spiritual ability to see what lies in our surroundings. One can use it to make connections with the spiritual world and get answers to questions that can never be known at the present time. The power of the Third Eye is also used by spiritual practitioners to sense the energy and then use that to perform different tasks of spiritual nature. What is more, your Khafi can give you the ability to know how another person feels or goes through. It can help steer your vision, clear your judgment, and provide wisdom in distinguishing between what is false and what is true when it comes to the matters of life, faith, religion, human relation, and more. 


The Third Eye/Khafi is not an impossible ability and it can be developed with proper training, patience, rituals over the course of time. Being a spiritual practitioner, I have had the opportunity to teach this method to many of my students and many of them have been successful in attaining this marvelous gift. Although there are no guarantees that one will achieve The Third eye (as it’s a gift that Allah endows upon those who are willing to make efforts), the possibility of you attaining it will become very high after you go through my spiritual course. Having said that, I would still ask you to give in your will and desires to the will of Allah (SWT). Nothing will happen without His will and nothing can be kept from happening when He wills. 


For example, in the Holy Quran, we have been informed about Prophet Moses and Khidir. Khidir being a righteous prophet has the ability to see events coming long before they do. This could be an ultimate example of the Third-Eye reward that God endows upon those He chooses. Such a reward is given the title of “Ladunni” or “miracles” and it goes to the select servants of Allah. But I believe that Allah doesn’t distinguish between people and whoever would make efforts to gain spiritual piety will deserve the blessing He has granted upon others. InshAllah, through the course of this training, you will gain more awareness about the Third Eye/Khafi and it can be achieved through practices that are aligned with Islamic teachings and Sufi traditions. 


Miracles happen and the Third Eye is the medium to understand the signs and languages that Allah has created and spread around in the form of living and non-living things. According to the Holy Quran:


“Soon will We show them Our Signs in the (furthest) regions (of the earth), and in their own souls, until it becomes manifest to them that this is the Truth. Is it not enough that thy Lord doth witness all things?” Surah 41:53


I only consider Islamic Sufi dhikrs and meditation methods to open up the Third Eye. These methods, supplications, and meditation techniques are essentially what I will be teaching you in this course, InshAllah. I also understand that not everyone’s spiritual level is the same and so I will customize the course for each individual. If you are a beginner in meditation and the Third-Eye, this course is perfect for you. If you are advanced, it will still prove to be fruitful as I will be covering areas that are intended to be shared with people at the advanced level. 


You will not be allowed to share the information you learn during the course with anyone else. Doing so will cause spiritual troubles for the person you’re sharing the information with and it will also weaken your ability to achieve and retain this amazing gift. 


Among other things, you will be learning:


  • Powerful Third Eye / Khafi opening method
  • Powerful and easy methods to increase spirituality
  • Some important secrets of Muraqaba — the Sufi science of meditation 
  • Ways to protect yourself from negative energies and entities during the third eye-opening exercises


If you are a non-Muslim, you will be learning:


  • Powerful Third Eye / Khafi opening method for non-Muslim
  • Ritual/Amal for innеr aura, cleanse increasing, and spirituality 
  • The Secrets of Muraqaba –the Sufi Science or technique of  Meditation 
  • Ways to protect yourself from negative energies and entities during the third-eye opening exercises
  • Powerful meditation techniques


The Third-Eye opening is such a fascinating subject that I won’t mind writing a book on. But I know my website readers are short of time and they only need to feed off what is most important about this spiritual course. I will end this here with a beautiful quote from Al-Habib Ahmad Mashhur Al-Haddad:


“They are the skillful physicians whom God has assisted with a spirit from Him, so that they treated the diseases of hearts with wisdom, and poured guidance into pleasant and permissible molds in order to take the ordinary people along the road of their desires to the desired truth…”


Please note that this is an online course and nothing will be shipped in the form of spiritual items, books, or other material. 

Reviews 6

6 reviews for One-Month Khafi / Third-Eye Opening Sufi Course

  1. Abdul Kalam

    This is a great course for whoever wishes to open their third eye easily without any side effects. Alhamdulillah. Only positive effects. One will come to know many things about themselves through experience.

  2. zainab

    I did my course with roohani on line spiritual help the services that I got was Mashalla excellent
    they are supportive ready to answer all questions ready to help when you need help
    emails are always answered the next day my meditation experience was Mashalla beautiful
    instructions spiritual guidance were given clearly and in a very simple way i am strongly advising everyone who
    wishes to open up there third eye to take this online course with roohani because they are alhamdulillah excellent
    my prayers are with them


  3. Rabbir

    It is truly an amazing course. Yes, it is for beginners but you gotta learn to crawl before you can walk. If one is committed and focused enough you will experience things when time is right. You must be patient and not easily discouraged. Spirituality isn’t easy. The biggest variable is yourself; making changes to yourself to fit that realm not the other way around.
    ” Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”
    -Jalaluddin Rumi

  4. kevin . B

    this course is like a warm up before the second third eye course part 2. kind of like how you warm up in the gym before lifting heavy weights. The shaykh is very helpfull along the whole way and takes extra special care of all his students to make sure of their success. I will defenetly recommend all the brothers and sisters muslim and non muslim who are interested in spiritualty to take this course under the guidance of the shaykh

  5. IQBAL

    Very good course to get you started alhamdulillah

  6. Hussain

    Highly recommended course for anyone serious on opening the 3rd eye.
    I have studied and practised various forms of ruhaniat/spirituality for a good number of years but it is always advised to have good guidance and training from a good teacher.I have found it here with this course and teacher:-)
    Still presently going through the course but feel progress is happening and had various visions and experiences while doing this.

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