Powerful Talisman Rings

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A talisman іѕ аnу object thаt іѕ imbued wіth protective powers, аnd аll cultures hаvе manifestations оf ѕuсh objects.



The Talisman Rings/Amulets that i make can be made on request you can email me for prices for the Rings/Amulets And tell me what You need the Talismans   Ring/Amulet For a lot of hard work is involved it is a very complex procedure all my Rings/Amulets are very powerful for what they are made for alhamdulillah the rings must be treated with the upmost respect. Rings/Amulets can take up to 14-30 days to empower It is up to how much chanting is Involved During the Empowerment of the Talisman Ring/Amulet also depends if Arabic markings are needed to be written on the stone of the Talisman Ring/Amulet

Also the stone that is used for the Talisman Ring/Amulet must be compatible with the person that will be receiving the Talisman Ring/Amulet as everyone energy is different and spiritual level.


Once purchased is made I will need the person’s full name and Mother’s name.



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