Ism e Azam ( اسم اعظم ) calculation


Ism-e-Azam are the great names of Allah, when recited invokes the mercy of Allah.



Ism-e-Azam are the Most beautiful  Powerful rare names of Allah/God, when chanted implore the mercy of Allah.

Every Individual has an Ism-e-Azam, either constructed on the Individual  name or circumstances. The great Sufi’s Of the past generations and friends of Allah have given us very effective and rational methods to calculate out our Ism-e-Azam By using Haroof-e-Abjad. Everyone’s name has a Pacific quantity, according to the Rules of Haroof-e-Abjad.

We can figure and Inform you, your Ism-e-Azam and how many times and Give you instructions how to read it, and what safeguards to take for getting all of the Beautiful and powerful benifeits from your Ism-e-Azam  inshallah.

Send me your Complete (birth) name. Please Understand, insufficient names, nick-names and popular names or , caste, sub caste (Syed, Sheikh, Khan etc) are not counted while extracting Ism-e-Azam.


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