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Ism e Azam ( اسم اعظم ) calculation
October 15, 2016
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June 12, 2017
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Spiritual Treatment (Roohani Ilaj) for Diseases and Medical Conditions

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“There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its remedy.”
Bukhari 7.582



Every disease has a spiritual treatment. Most of the diseases our bodies develop come from sources that have a spiritual basis. 


Abu Hurayrah narrates that The Prophet ﷺ said:


“There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its remedy.”



Now there are ways and channels for us to seek the remedy. Some may seek them in the hospital beds, others may look for remedies within their own spiritual beings, yet others may go to spiritual healers for help. There’s nothing wrong with any of these approaches as they all have the potential to heal diseases and physiological conditions. 


Of the three broad methods, the first one — going to a doctor — is rather common. When we get ill or have some health scare, our instinct is to get medication or proper treatment from a doctor. We don’t really dig into the causes that led to the diseases our bodies contract. We don’t usually think of other alternatives to help our bodies recover. And very often we distrust the spiritual way of approaching the problem just because they don’t teach it in school or no one gives us the opportunity to try it. But, sooner or later, everyone has to know that “spiritual healing” is a thing. Sooner or later you’ll experience the fact that what medical science couldn’t provide an answer to, the spiritual science does. In the narrow sense, they are already trying it in their laboratories by giving it a so-called medical terminology: placebo. The fact that vaccines are now prepared by following a trial process where a good portion of the sample population is given a placebo (instead of the actual vaccine) tells us something. It tells us that sometimes the neurological and physiological changes that are necessary to heal a disease can be controlled by our thoughts. Our thoughts can provide healing. And if that’s true, we should have no difficulty in accepting the opposite hypothesis: which is, our thoughts can cause diseases too. 


If we are on the same page here, then what the placebo effect does is what spiritual healing is capable of doing. When you go to an amil, the amil performs a diagnosis of your conditions. He then proceeds with certain healing methods that have effects on your body, mind, and nervous system, both on physical and spiritual levels. Some may get healed by the placebo effects of the procedure; others by the actual power of the amalyat and rituals that are imbued with positive energy and energy healing elements. In either case, the results of spiritual healing are usually very powerful compared to any other healing methods. 


I’m an experienced amil and I look at my methods both from the standpoint of science and spirituality. And I for one don’t see any clash between the two, Alhamdulillah. Science and spirituality are in perfect harmony and, as a matter of fact, they both exist to point us in the direction of truth. And the truth is this: we all have been created by the Omniscient and Omnipotent God and He is our only source of help and salvation. Whenever and wherever we feel our shoulders aren’t strong enough to lift the burden we carry (whether it’s spiritual or physical), we can raise our hands, bow down, pray, and seek help. If our hearts are clean, if our faith is strong, and if our prayers are filled with sincerity, there is no question our supplications won’t be answered by the Almighty Creator. 


This fundamental practice is at the heart of my spiritual healing method. No matter the problem and no matter its severity, when I’m able to see that the individuals I’m helping have faith in the mercy and forgiveness of Allah, I assure them their conditions will change. I assure them that they will find healing and mercy and happiness because they deserve these blessings — and they deserve them because they have unconditional faith in the mercy of their Creator. 


Alhamdulillah, my spiritual healing methods are very effective and I have been helping thousands of people find cures to diseases that are serious in nature. Most diseases are cured through more than one spiritual healing method and most of these methods involve drinkable taweez that are infused with the energy of powerful Quranic verses and Islamic prayers. The healing method is very effective to cure allergies of most kinds. It also assists in blood cleansing and removing several cancer symptoms and diabetic cases. I have been having cases of high and low blood pressure problems and hypo/hyperactive thyroid issues and these people got completely recovered with the help of my spiritual treatments. I hope I will prove to be effective in your case too and I hope I will help you recover from any type of medical condition or disease you’re suffering from, InshAllah. 


Note: I would really appreciate you contacting me before purchasing this service. That way I will have the opportunity to discuss your medical conditions and what spiritual treatment methods would work best for you, InshAllah.

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2 reviews for Spiritual Treatment (Roohani Ilaj) for Diseases and Medical Conditions

  1. Aisha Abdulrahmaan Yusuf

    I went to so many spiritual healers all of them were telling me that I had spiritual problems for so many years I went too many healers to remove my spiritual problem then I came across this website I contact the brother the brother advised me to purchase check up so he can diagnose if I do have a spiritual problems I explained to the brother I was 100% sure that I had spiritual problem because of all the other healers that I went to they all confirm this anyhow I took the advice of the brother and purchased the check up but to my surprise alhamdulillah I had no spiritual problem I was told that I am suffering from medical problem the brother advised me to seek medical advice i explain to him that I have been to many doctors they just give me painkillers for the pain in my body they have done many scans and blood test but they couldn’t find what is causing the severe pain in my body after explaining my situation the brother offer me spiritual help for my medical condition

    I started this Roohani ilaj/Spiritual Treatment Jul 22, 2017 Wallaahi just after 5 weeks I started this Roohani ilaj/Spiritual Treatment I’m off all pain killers the pain has nearly completely gone Alhamdulillah while I was taking my taste changed so bad,and the doctor have told me now to stop completely all pain killers Alhamdulillah may Allah Grant him the highest place in Jannah inshallah for all the people that he helps Ameen!

  2. sherzod

    I’ve been suffering from something I couldn’t find what it was always depressed for no reason I went to doctor but it didn’t really help I found the brother by chance when I was trying to find solution to my issue and explained it to him my issue he did a Spiritual check up and informed me that I was suffering from anxiety he recommended me a talisman and spiritual water as soon as I wear talisman I feel the effect of it right away like i feel so light and no more anxiety I really appreciated it to brother for helping me to get healed
    Jazakallah khayr brother.


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