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February 19, 2020
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Talisman of Divine Energy For a Powerful, Strong Positive Energies and Removes Negativity


Potent Arabian Divine Energy talisman that grants the individual powerful protection, strong positive energy and banishes all types of negativity,

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This is a highly potent Arabian Divine Energy talisman that renders its bearer powerful protection from negative energy, provides strong positive energy, and banishes all types of negativity, toxicities, cords, and malicious implants from the individual’s energy field, inshAllah. The divine talisman is empowered with the strong protective energy of certain Quran verses and Islamic prayers. It neutralizes any negative energy surrounding the individual that results in bad luck, hardships, and fruitless efforts. It also removes the negative effects of metaphysical forces that cause spiritual problems of different nature and magnitude. Essentially the talisman releases negative toxicities from the energy field of individuals and, by doing so, helps the individual overcome all blockages that get in the way of leading a positive and peaceful life. 


The talisman enhances the protective energy field of the individual it’s prepared for. It then helps the person’s spiritual aura to keep the flow of energies that are positive, strong, pure, and beneficial. The divine power of this specific talisman also protects the user from negative energies that are emitted by the forces living in the surrounding environments. What’s more, it assists the individual to maintain a positive frame of mind and safeguards them from many types of negative energy that originate from day-to-day tasks and human interactions. I’m very confident that the spiritual power of the divine energy will help the user achieve positivity, confidence, mental peace, and much more, inshAllah.


What I described above should give you a sense of how potential and spiritually robust this energy talisman is. If you are curious about how this taweez is prepared, let me give a little context. I’m an experienced amil and the person who is spiritually qualified to prepare these kinds of talismans/taweez. By saying all this, I’m hoping that you understand what it takes to be an Amil and why it’s so important to have these spiritual items prepared by someone who has the required spiritual knowledge, practice, and power. Not anybody has the spiritual qualification to prepare a talisman that will actually work. If that was the case, why would anybody feel the need to go to an experienced spiritual practitioner for spiritual service of any kind? You would order some off-the-shelf-taweez and call it a day. By the way, there’s no scarcity of such items nowadays. As a matter of fact, they are mass-produced and can very easily be ordered on any mainstream e-commerce site (e.g. Ebay and Amazon). However, they are not going to give you the spiritual assistance you need to solve real-life problems. This is so because any item that doesn’t go through the necessary process of energy infusion cannot contain anything of spiritual value. They are decorative items one can put on as a jewel or something — nothing more than that. 


The spiritual talismans I prepare, on the other hand, are imbued with spiritual energy — energy that you need to solve real-life problems. All the spiritual items I prepare are highly sacred and contain compressed energy of powerful amliyat and rituals that are drawn from the Quran and prophetic traditions. The process itself requires all kinds of spiritual fortifications that only the most patient and courageous of spiritual healers can perform. From long fasting to strict dietary routine to the cautions observed with respect to time and space, everything has to be performed in a very meticulous manner. There are potential threats associated with certain amliyat and rituals that also need to be encountered with spiritual force. All in all, the difficulties and efforts borne by the spiritual practitioner are countless. However, I don’t shy away from bearing them because, at the end of the day, the rewards of helping a needy human being are well worth the efforts. 


Outlined below are a few rules you abide by (all the time) after you’ve received your spiritual item:

  • Make sure you don’t take the talisman into bathrooms or any impure/improper places.
  • If you’re non-Muslim, make sure to avoid eating pork meat or drinking alcohol while you have the taweez on. If you must, detach the taweez first and keep it in a safe place. 
  • Make sure you’re not wearing the taweez while indulging in any sexual activity.
  • If you’re a female, make sure you don’t wear the taweez when you are on your monthly cycle.


If any of the above rules are broken on purpose, the Malak ( ملك Angelic Entities) of those Quranic verses will stop helping you and you won’t be able to achieve the purpose you would be purchasing the talisman for.


How to use Taweez/Talisman

Depending on your spiritual energy and aura, you’ll be wearing around your neck or on your arm. I’ll send the instructions along once your talisman is ready. The turnaround time for preparing the spiritual item would be 7–14 days. Please prove your full name and  your mother’s full name in the notes section of the order and I’ll proceed with the preparation soon, InshAllah.

Please understand, regardless of how amazing and Powerful these custom-made Taweez/Talismans are Alhamdulillah these custom-made Taweez/Talismans are a powerful means to assist you if Allah Subhana Wa’Tala wills. Lastly and most importantly, If Allah Subhana Wa’Tala does not will for something to happen, then nothing in this world or any other can make it happen.

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