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Powerful Talisman/Taweez for Misbehaving Children
September 21, 2018
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Spiritual Talisman for Self-confidence, Attraction, and Charisma
September 22, 2018
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Powerful Talisman for Success in Study/Examination


Studying/Exam Talisman it will help you with your studies and exam success it will all so help you to remember what you are studying so you will do much better for the exams inshallah.

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If you are a student who has been working hard the whole time but always felt you deserved better than what you got in the end, this Talisman is for you. I’m not getting into details of why sometimes people can’t achieve what they deserve given the amount of hard work and dedication they put in. However, I know that what you get does not necessarily have to be a true reflection of what you actually deserve. Maybe you’re a hardworking person who is doing everything at his/her disposal to get the result he/she aspires for, but there are some spiritual barriers that get in the way. Maybe you have some memory problems and you can’t retain information for too long. Or maybe you’re having a hard time practicing focused study and your mind is cluttered with thoughts all the time. 


These are some of the common reasons why students fail to achieve what they want to achieve. To mention yet another reason — and this particularly relates to examination — students usually get buried under stressful thoughts. Either it’s the peer pressure or the expectations they hold for themself that cause extreme stress and anxiety. Such students are usually swamped by thoughts like “what if I screwed up the whole examination”, “what if I couldn’t remember certain concepts”, “what if my memory failed me”, “what if the exam was too difficult”, “what if I couldn’t manage my time”, “what if I experienced a condition like a writer’s block” and so on. 


The powerful talisman for success in study and examination is a spiritual item I especially prepare for these kinds of students. There are countless benefits of having this talisman but, most important of all, it will help improve your memory power, reduce your anxiety, and give you control over your thoughts. If some of the factors I outlined above are the reason why you haven’t been successful or couldn’t achieve the results you aspired to achieve, this talisman is going to have you overcome those, inshAllah. It contains the compressed energy of Amalyat and rituals that are rooted in the Islamic tradition. The amalyat and rituals themselves include chanting, long-hour invocations, and readings of specific Quranic verses and Islamic prayers. The whole talisman is imbued with spiritual power that will remove any energy blocks and physiological factors that are hampering you in your efforts to achieve an academic success of high magnitude. 


Having said that, please understand that the talisman will not replace the work that needs to be done on your end. If you stopped putting in the efforts you need to put in, it’s not going to work. You cannot be complacent or depend solely on the power of this talisman to provide you the results you need. The talisman is only going to supplement the effect of the efforts you’re already putting in. As such it’ll not guarantee you results if stopped executing on your goals and performing your own responsibilities. If you remained committed to the process and worked as diligently as you have been (or even more), then you’ll notice substantial changes in the outcome as well. Moreover, you won’t feel anxiety or face problems related to memory or thoughts. Any negative energy you may be carrying will be removed so that you may excel in your academic career with positivity and a positive track record, inshAllah. 


How to use Taweez/Talisman  

This is a wearable taweez, so you’ll be wearing it around the neck or on your arm. The exact method will depend on your aura and energy level. However, you don’t need to be confused at this stage and these instructions will be attached and sent along with the spiritual item once it’s ready. 


The turnaround time for this talisman is 7–14 days and I will be needing your full name and your mother’s full name for me to proceed with the preparation.  You may leave these details in the notes section of the order.


Finally, here are a few rules that you must abide by at all times after you’ve received the spiritual talisman.


  • You cannot take the talisman into the bathroom
  • If you’re a non-Muslim, you cannot wear it while eating pork meat or drinking alcohol
  • You cannot wear it while engaging in any sexual activity
  • If you are a female, you should not wear the talisman when you are on your menstruation cycle


I hope I covered all the necessary details pertaining to the Spiritual Talisman for Success in Study/Examination. However, if you have any inquiries about it, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to address those in detail, InshAllah. 

Please understand, regardless of how amazing and Powerful these custom-made Taweez/Talismans are Alhamdulillah these custom-made Taweez/Talismans are a powerful means to assist you if Allah Subhana Wa’Tala wills. Lastly and most importantly, If Allah Subhana Wa’Tala does not will for something to happen, then nothing in this world or any other can make it happen.

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