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Spiritually Enhance/Empowered Healing oil
February 3, 2019
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The Ultimate Spiritual Healer Course


Ultimate Spiritual Healer/Amli Course, become a powerful Spiritual Healer/Amli today learn Authentic old and Powerful Divine Spiritual Healing start Healing Mankind.



If you are a person who aspires to be a spiritual healer, this course is something you don’t want to miss. Being an experienced Amil myself, I have brought my spiritual healing methods down to a fine art. Over the course of this training period, I’ll equip you with the right healing methods and the right ways to perform them. After you have completed this course, you should be able to handle problems of both spiritual and psychic nature, InshAllah. 


I usually don’t offer spiritual courses for two reasons: one, they are time-consuming; two, the spiritual efforts it takes to transfer the skills in a safe manner are difficult. When you become an authentic Amil, it’s almost a requirement that you spend many years performing certain amalyat and rituals, become conversants with spiritual healing methods, put yourself through the spiritual training of dealing with strong psychic forces, and so on. Now the time it takes to complete a course is certainly not enough to infuse all that knowledge in a student, no matter how ambitious and spiritually strong the student is. To overcome these issues to a very good extent, I have broken down the course into different modules/levels. Each subsequent level is a natural step to the next level once a student completes all the preceding requirements.


Spiritual healing is one of the most serious responsibilities one may consider taking on. It’s not easy and it’s not concerned with what happens to you as an individual, but also what happens to the people who come to you with spiritual problems. If you mishandle and show a lack of spiritual maturity, you’ll not only create trouble for yourself but also for the people who seek your help in healing their ailments. It’s these reasons why I’m very particular about who is to be a part of this course and who isn’t. If you are interested to join, please contact me prior to purchasing this service. Once I’m fully satisfied that you meet the requirements and are fully eligible for the course, I will consider bringing you on board, InsAllah. 


As mentioned, the Spiritual Healer course is divided into three levels. Depending on your spiritual healing needs and the practices required to gain certain skills, you’ll go for either of the three levels. Level one is a short course comprising four months only. Level two is a bit detailed and covers some extra features and methods that cannot be covered in the level one course due to time constraints. The third level is the most comprehensive and effective module. It includes all the aspects of spiritual healing, from learning methods to performing them to ensuring that no spiritual harm is done to the healer as well the person seeking healing. 


Outlined below is a detailed breakdown of what each level consists of. Please keep in mind that the items included within a given level are preliminary and, as such, they don’t represent the full scale of activities that will be performed once you become a part of  this course: 


Level 1 – 4 Months Course

1st Month: Lessons to increase one’s spiritual energy

2nd Month: Introduction to self-protection and protection methods

3rd Month: Learning methods of self-healing

4th Month: Learning methods pertaining to home cleansing

5th Month: Learning how to clear people’s homes from negative energies


Level 2 – 6 months Course

1st Month: Lessons to increase one’s spiritual energy

2nd Month:  Introduction to self-protection and protection methods

3rd Month: Learning methods of self-healing

4th Month: Learning Methods pertaining to home cleansing

5th Month: Introduction to healing spiritual patients

6th Month: Learning how to clear people’s homes from negative energies


Level 3 – 1 Year Course

1st Month: Lessons to increase spiritual energy

2nd Month: Lessons to further enhance spiritual energy

3rd Month: Introduction to self-protection and protection methods

4th Month: Introduction to protection from spiritual attacks (medium-power)

5th Month: Learning methods of self-healing

6th Month: Learn additional methods of self-healing and aura cleansing

7th Month: Learning methods pertaining to home cleansing

8th Month: Learn methods to protect your home from various spiritual attacks

9th Month: Introduction to healing others

10th Month: Lesson to help people with various spiritual problems of moderate level

11th Month: Learning how to clear people’s homes from negative energies

12th Month: Learning methods to help others keep their homes protected from spiritual attacks


These courses are structured in a way you get the most benefits in the shortest duration possible. They cover a diverse range of subjects, from spirituality to psychic treatment to spiritual protection. Of course, the success of any level will primarily depend on how carefully and dedicatedly you perform the process and follow the instructions that will be given throughout the course of these spiritual programs. The effectiveness of what you learn will also be based on your spiritual power and energy level. These courses are specifically designed to teach you how to help yourself and others from various types of dangers and spiritual attacks. Rituals, amalyat, and high-power readings from the Holy Quran will be an essential part of the daily process. You will learn various types of healing methods, protection methods, readings from the Quran, various Amliyat, and supplications that are performed to achieve specific goals of spiritual nature. Once you complete my course, I’m sure your spiritual power will be enhanced to a level where you’ll be able to protect yourself (and those close to you) from any spiritual attacks as well as help others to recover from various spiritual ailments, InshAllah. 


Please note that this course is held completely online and there will be no materials or items to be shipped to the students. If you have any questions pertaining to the course content, feel free to contact me. 

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Spiritual Healer Course

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