Amliyat Oil
Spiritual Meditation/Muraqaba (مراقبة) oli – tool for enhancing and opening Chakras/Lataifa
July 5, 2017
Ruhani/Spiritual Increasing Health Talisman/Taweez
Ruhani/Spiritual Increasing Health Talisman/Taweez
July 8, 2017
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Ruhaniyat (Spiritual Power) Increasing Akik Ring


This powerful Ruhaniyat Akiks ring is a powerful talisman that increases spiritual aura, protects and aid the acquisition of spiritual knowledge.


Ruhaniyat Akik Ring


Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem (In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful). Wala Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah aliyil Azeem (There is no power except that which is with Allah).

This powerful Ruhaniyat Akiks ring is a powerful talisman that increases spiritual aura, protects and aid the acquisition of knowledge freely.

Many things exist in the world of the unseen, this when one is to pry into that realm certain precaution and criteria must be obtained. First, increased Ruhaniyat, which is one’s level of spirituality. Ruhaniyat plays a significant role in the success of all our spiritual endeavours. For instance, imagine a person who hasn’t had food for a day and is trying to enter a strenuous activity that will consume a substantial amount of calories; the person will most likely not be able to start the job or become exhausted and diminished during the process, such as the case for people with low Ruhaniyah trying to complete rituals, haziri and other things. This Ruhaniyat/Akik ring being presented today is made from high-quality Akik stones containing an enormous amount of spiritual energy that will be conveyed upon the bearer. Akik rings usually have greater power as older as they go and our available products span from 150 years and above, containing energy force to help complete one’s path on Ruhaniyat increase.

Unlike other gems, Akik plays an inestimable role in spiritual strength and power; these stones have a significant ability to trap and serve as a vessel for powerful energies

This Ruhaniyat ring essentially allows for the ever-evasive and very difficult knowledge of the spiritual realm to be learned easily. It will do away with all magical forces that are preventing one have successful amilyat and protect one from futility in our endeavours. This ring is for people who want to elevate their spirituality, practisers of Rohani Ilmu, Noorani Ilmu, Haziri and so on. Although hard work is a must, this powerful ring can aid us in heightening our senses and perception of a certain type of spirituality that the ordinary eyes and body may not be aware of.

Certain details such as name, age, date of birth, city and so on will be required and have to be available for the preparation of this ring to the bearer. From this biodata, the bearer’s spiritual energy and compatibility with the Ruhaniyat ring are evaluated. If this is no done, adverse effects such as physical weariness, headaches, dizziness may occur as a result of the energy imbalance between the person and the ring. Spiritual issues like nightmares and others may also occur.

The benefits of Ruhaniyat Akik Rings also include –

  1. Increased confidence and craftsmanship
  2. A natural understanding of knowledge guarding the spiritual (jinn, khodam, muwakil)
  3. Protection from negative forces that seek to drain or down your ruhaniyat
  4. Enhanced chance of success in any ritualistic endeavour.

The Rings need high-quality Akik stones sourced from the middle east and Roohanionlinespiritualhelp has high-quality gems that will not just be spiritually superior but look well on your fingers too.  will take about 14-30 days depending on the materials and oils needed and rituals/Amliyat that need to be done to complete and the buyer has to be patient in to ensure that it is properly prepared and the energy in the ring is in tandem with the energy of the one to wear it.

Without Allah and the right amount of Ruhaniyat, one can almost be guaranteed of a high failure rate in ones haziri and other spiritual rituals. For people on the learning curve looking to find something that can help their intelligence and their accumulation of knowledge of the unseen in sha Allah, this powerful Akik rings will provide all the necessary support and fortification of your Ruhaniyat alongside your dhikr and prayers.

Conclusion (Call to action)

Increase your success on your journey to heightened spirituality now and ward off evil with this powerful Ruhaniyat Akik rings made from the most potent and purest Akik Stones. Seek refuge with Allah against Jinn and other astral attacks when completing your rituals and haziris and boost your chances of ritual success. Simply enter the number of Roohanionlinespiritualhelp Ruhaniyat Akik rings, add to your cart, continue shopping or proceed to the checkout. We’ll contact you to obtain specific information after your order.

May Allah’s protection be with us always.


Couple of Rules that you must agree to before purchase and you must follow at all times if you purchased the level 2.

  • You cannot take The Ring to the bathroom


  • You cannot have The Ring on you when eating any sort of pork meat.


  • You cannot have The Ring on you when you are drinking any sort of alcohol.


  • You cannot have The Ring on you when you are having any sort of sexual intercourse.


  • This rule is for females You cannot have Ring on you when you are on your menstruation.

Please understand, regardless of how amazing and Powerful this Spiritual item is Alhamdulillah This Spiritual item is a powerful means to assist you if Allah Subhana Wa’Tala wills. Lastly and most importantly, If Allah Subhana Wa’Tala does not will for something to happen, then nothing in this world or any other can make it happen. Protection Status

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Ruhaniyat Akik Ring

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