Roohani Muslim Djinn / jinn / khodam / Angelic / مَلَكْ malāk Spiritual Companion

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Roohani Muslim Djinn / jinn / khodam / Angelic / مَلَكْ malāk Spiritual Companion

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Roohani Muslim Djinn / jinn/ khodam / Angelic / مَلَكْ malāk Spiritual Companion

Please do not purchase you must contact me first

So I can see if you are eligible for one of my entities I would advise for you to visit my Roohani Spiritual Entity’s and Spiritual Awakening section on my website and read the blog post and educate yourself about the subject as I will be asking you certain questions Regarding entities if you answer the questions wrong You will not receive an entity from me As I do not offer this service to the general public I offer this service Mostly to my private customers that are Islamic scholars healers mostly people who work in the paranormal/Roohani Field or have good understanding about the subject.

For me to offer an individual an entity You must be knowledgeable in the Paranormal/Roohani Field I do not generally offer entity’s To the general public the entity’s  That I, conjure cannot betray You and Will never harm you They are Muslim entity’s  I only work with Muslim entity’s  IF YOU DO NOT MISUSE THEM If you Misuse them in any evil way you Will be hold accountable The entity’s That I conjure You must tell me what you needed for and I will Conjure an Entity that Fits the requirements  I do not force any entity to work with anyone that is the black magic method in that method the entity’s  Will only Want to find ways to break the binding and leave and cause harm to you and your family.

A lot of people who email me have false knowledge about entity’s they have been contacting fake Conjurer trying to sell Djinn/jinn/khodam/Angels items to people.

individual are thinking that Djinn/jinn/khodam/Angels are servant due to all the false information on the Internet they are not servants they are methods that you can use to make them your servant it is Forbidden in Islam as it is the black magic method and is Forbidden in Islam to force entity to do something  it does not want to.

method that I use you build a friendship with Djinn/jinn/khodam/Angels and they will help you with something and the things that they help with are Limited as they are Muslim entity’s  if you tried to misuse them you will have big Spiritual problems.

Also Jinn/Entity cannot be bind  to any object they are bind to stones what is capable of holding the energy of The Entity the stone is usually brought to the Conjurer by The Entity during the Conjuring The Entity does not live in the Stone the stone is used as a method of Calling The Entity when needed.

I will be only offering this service to 10 people due to the time and effort that me and my teacher have to put in to the Conjuring of Djinn / jinn / khodam / Angelic entity’s

if you wish to know more details about Conjuring and methods that we use  you can visit this listing as it speaks about the subject you will understand why I only offer this to 10 people after you read this.

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2 reviews for Roohani Muslim Djinn / jinn / khodam / Angelic / مَلَكْ malāk Spiritual Companion

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Usman Ali

    Salam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,

    I have been researching on and off for many years about Different entities specially Khodam Recently I have come across Roohani online spiritual help I would like to write a review about Khodam That I have received from Roohani online spiritual help And thank him for his great work Website after many months of emailing The Shaikh And asking many many questions From the research that I have done over the years.

    I was very satisfied with the answers that I received I could see from the response The Shaikh Gave He was very knowledgeable On this
    subject And he is very knowledgeable about Islam Because I have asked him many questions regarding Islam And Tasawwuf He was able to answer them very easy that shows me He is not like other conjurers that Our just lost in Conjuring And have forgotten the purpose of life that is worshipping Allah.

    Because my main concern was I wanted someone to conjure me and Khodam That was a fully practising and knowledgeable pious person What also had knowledge about the Islamic rulings Not just about conjuring entities.

    Most of the questions that I asked him were regarding Tasawwuf as I am a student of Tasawwuf and not any Dick, Dom Harry can answer Tasawwuf Questions without experiencing That proved me he had quite a lot of experience in spirituality Moving forward regarding Khodam What Shaikh Conjured for me.

    I’m really happy and very satisfied With the results and outcome
    during the whole procedure I was updated on a regular basis on what was happening and whenever I emailed the Shaikh I receive a response within a couple of hours Once I received my Khodam Within this second week I started to feel the presence of my Khodam Even when I did not have the Khodam Vessel On me At work as I do not take it to work

    I could feel the presence of the Khodam With me In the second week Once I finished my zikr/meditating I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water I heard the Khodam Say my name out loud I was quite surprised as it was only the second week and I was experiencing all this alhamdulillah Also when I have the Khodam Vessel on me I can feel a heartbeat vibrating feeling Coming from the Vessel And at times The Vessel Gets very heavy especially during zikr/meditating These are the experiences that I have had so far Within a very short timeframe.

    I am looking forward for the weeks to come of every day my bond with the Khodam Is getting stronger alhamdulillah But one must remember this is not the goal of life is just the means of experiencing Allah creation the goal of life should be loving Allah and his beloved It is understood by Tasawwuf that the strange and enchanting experiences are the scenery of the journey, not the goal. The goal is to reach his Divine Presence by the attraction of the Beloved Himself For one must not get lost in the unseen world what Allah has created the goal should be The beautiful thing is the more my bond gets stronger with the Khodam The more the Khodam Is helping me To get closer to Allah and his beloved I hope everyone benefited from this review.

    Usman Ali

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mrs Bibi Fazana Ramjaun

    Masha Allah very interesting page.

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